Love Finally Found

savannah. she has brown eyes long brown hair and braces. she has never fit in with the world, being abused by her stepfather
, being bullied by Eve and her mom dieing. she has finally has enough of it. But what will she do next


3. The Starbucks

Savannahs P.O.V

i was woken by someone shaking my so i opened my eyes excpecting
to see Stan but i saw someone else. I was totally not expecting this!!!!

Zayns P.O.V

" Well we are here with One Direction" said the was about 5:30 and i was at an interview with Harry Louis Niall and Liam. I really didnt want to be here i had got in a fight with Perrie and im trying to forget about it. my thoughts were inturrupted when Louis tapped my shoulder. "zayn! weve been trying to get your attention for like 5 minutes" liam said. " im sorry" i said feeling like an idiot. ** an hour later***

Liams P.O.V

The interview was over and me and zayn were heading home. I was kinda worried about him cause he seemed paraniod and wasnt talking as much as usual.I wanted to cheer zayn up so i thought id take him to starbucks for a drink.We pulled up to a starbucks in a little town i used to come to.
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