Love Finally Found

savannah. she has brown eyes long brown hair and braces. she has never fit in with the world, being abused by her stepfather
, being bullied by Eve and her mom dieing. she has finally has enough of it. But what will she do next


9. The pool

Savannahs P.O.V
l walked out of the room with harry to go get some food since we were hungry.we got into the elevator but instead of the lobby button he pressed the very top floor."where are we going?" i asked confused."you will see just wait "thats all he said.we got to the top and it was pitch black " harry were are you?" i started to get scared because harry didnt reply and ive always been scared of the dark"harry Im scared!"i said trembling. i saw a light in the corner so i went toward it.

Harrys P.O.V
l have been in this hospital alot becuase my cousin works here and one day the manager won a lottery so he bought a huge pool to go on the top floor.I thought i could take savannah up there and we could go swimming. We got in the elevator and i pressed tge button for the top floor"where are we going?" she asked.l wanted it to be a surprise so i said" youll see just wait" and then nobody said anything. We got to the top floor and the elevator closed so i quietly walked away to turn the lights on when i heard savannah say " harry were are you?" l ignored her for a second. i sent a text to the boys telling them to come up here with us.then savannah said"harry im scared !" i found the lightswitch before i could turn it on someone ran into me . I turned on the light and saw savannah standing there with tears coming down her cheeks." Savannah whats wrong love?" i asked she said nothing she just burried her head in my chest crying. She looked up after a little while and said " i thought he was here". what was she talking about? i hugged her and said" its ok ill protect you." she stopped crying and turned around and froze .

Savannahs P.O.V
l thought i heard footsteps and harry wouldnt reply.Stan did this to me but he pop up and stab me or something.i started to cry thinking that he might be here untill i ran into someone.then the lights were turned on and l saw harry . l was crying and he asked me something but i just burried my head in his chest and i said " i thought he was here" he replyed " its ok ill protect you" i nodded and turned away . i froze when i saw the pool i cant swim i never learned and when i was little i almost drowned in a lake because my swim shorts got stuck on a metal bar in the ground until someone got me out.then the elevator dinged and my head shot up.i saw the rest of the boys there they had thier swimming trunks on and i saw harry did to." yay swimming" louis screamed everybody jumped in except me and liam. he came over and stood next to me " I'll go in if you will." he siad.i sat down and looked at the water and Zayn took my shoes off and took the away. "get in please" he said. i stood up and backed away.liam grabbed my wrist pulled me close to the edge and let go " jump on three 1 2 ... and 3 !" he screamed but i didnt jumped i just watched as he went underwater tgen he came up"ok well then. can you help up?" i nodded my head as i grabbed his hand. then when he smiled i realized my mistake he pulled me in. I went under and couldnt get back to the top. i couldnt hold my breath that long and was freaking out. i was basicly dieing infront of 5 guys and no one even noticed . I felt someone grab me and then i was above the water. i was gasping for air nand holding on to whoever pulled me up.I was now crying reliving my first almost drowning." Are you ok?!?Savannah?!?" i heard a thick irish accent say."Niall?" i asked looking up.When i looked up i saw nialls beautiful blue eyes then he started to get blury and everthhing went black.
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