Love Finally Found

savannah. she has brown eyes long brown hair and braces. she has never fit in with the world, being abused by her stepfather
, being bullied by Eve and her mom dieing. she has finally has enough of it. But what will she do next


15. shopping

Zayns P,O,V   we got in the you go in a place to get your phone and come out with a girl i thought."So savannh what do you want to do today.?"i asked."I dunno i dont really do much since i used to wake up go to school go to the gas station by Stan beer come home and it starts over agian."she said.i thought then i knew what too do.

****skip car ride****

"here we are!"i said as i pulled up to the mall."What are we doing here?"she asked."TAKING YOU SHOPPIN GURRL!!!" I basicaly screamed as we walked up to the entrance now laughing.We walked in and i took her to a really girly store .i picked out some clothes for her to try on.first was dark skinny jeans a flowy Poison tank top shirtthing and black combat boots.(Poison is a band from the 1980s and they are my 3rd fav band look them up its cece brett bobby and rikki!!)   "l like it "i was black skinny jeans a white sweater with a big black mustache on it with white vans." i shluld be s fashoin designer huh?"i asked."yes you should" she said kissing my cheek afterwords.We bought alot of clothes and i realized how small she is.She wears like a size lower than my 10 year old sister."were to now?"she asked."You still hungry?"i asked."Ya a little bit"she said."lets go get somthing to eat!"i said happily.I was hungry too.I grabbed her hand and walked over to a little cafe in the mall and sat down at a little booth."what would you like?"i asked her."umm coffe i guess.what about you?"she asked."Im gonna get the same thing"i replyed.then th waitress came."hi im april im going to be your waitress today!So what can i get you too today?"she said.coffe for both of us."i said."ok it will be right with you."me and savannah said thanks and soon our coffe was brought to us."ENJOY YOUR COFFE"the waitress said . but she had a creepy grin on her face."ok savannah since we only met about 4 days ago and the only thing i know is you like maroon 5,Poison,food talk makes you hungry and you have really long hair and pretty eyes so tell me more about yourself"i said."ok well i used to live in Chicago with my mom and brother until my brother went to the millitary and past away then my  mom died so stan adopted me and i moved here then i went to school after a while and stan was all  nice and so he would take me.on my first day some girl named eve started to pick on me and it went through 6th grade to 11th grade and when i was in the middle of 6th grade stans wife died and he did some illegal things and then he stated to beat me  and he lost his job and kept beating me so one day i tried to run but he found me and beat me even more and cut me.then in eleventh grade he was drunk one day so i ran  until you found me so thats my life.and my favorite color is blue my best friend was claire until 10th grade and my favorite food is probably tacos  or peri peri chicken.i play volleyball sometimes and i like your hair." she told me."thank you so much i like my hair to. But what did you mean by claire was your best friend until 10th grade?"i asked"ohh um well since she was my friend she got bullied to but she didnt care until people told us to kill ourselves but i knew that stan would do that for me so i didnt really care that much but they did it so much she couldnt take it so she committed suicide."she said."Im sorry"i said."Dont be it wasnt your fault and it was her choice.

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