Love Finally Found

savannah. she has brown eyes long brown hair and braces. she has never fit in with the world, being abused by her stepfather
, being bullied by Eve and her mom dieing. she has finally has enough of it. But what will she do next


17. Louis and cancer

sorry the last chapter was short but my computer messed up and i accidently hit publish .

Louis P.O.V   "Louis will tell you"harry mummbled into savannahs neck then walked away.really harry you leave me to tell her.she looked up at me with tears streaming her face.I grabbed her into a hug.i didnt like it when girls cry it upsets me."what happened to your arm?"she asked her head in my chest."well we were going fo the mall and a amother truck was driving on the wroung side of the road and hit us. it only hurt niall and liam from the side it was on but some of the glass cut me and harry is scared hes never been in an accident before."i told her quietly.she was still crying into my chest so i picked her up and sat her down on the ambulance.she had her head on my shoulder as i stood infront of her.She is really pretty and nice but i dont know if i should ask her out.What if she says no or she is already going out with someonethen my thoughts were inturupted."where is liam at?"it was savannah.i helped her up then grabbed her hand and walked over to another ambulance.Liam was there with his leg wrapped and a big bandage on his arm and head but he was asleep."savannah why dont you ask him out?" i asked her i was hoping she would say she doesnt like him that much.but she didnt"Because i dont want to hurt him".i was confused then."What do you mean?"I asked."can you keep a secret?"."of course love" ."well when i was little and lived in chicago with my mother i started to get horrible cramps in my stomach and my head sould hurt alot and one day i went the hospital and they said i had some kind of cancer that could kill me anyday yet my mum and brother died first so when stan started to beat me i was hoping that i would just die but i never did and i dont wont to love him and he love me and i die out of the blue one day and leave him hurt i do love liam but i also love zayn i mean i love you all to death zayn and niall both saveed my life liam is super sweet and zayn told me he did care about me and harry is adorable and sweet and your funny and the most adorable thing ever but i wont make it and i dont wont to hurt any of you." then she broke down and started crying.then all of the ambulances took of with thd rest of the boys except me and zaynI just sat their holding savannah while zayn was talking to a cop.

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