Love Finally Found

savannah. she has brown eyes long brown hair and braces. she has never fit in with the world, being abused by her stepfather
, being bullied by Eve and her mom dieing. she has finally has enough of it. But what will she do next


10. Drowning and no clothes

Nialls P.O.V
we were at the pool swimming when liam pulled savannah in.I thought it was funny until i realized she hadnt came up uet nobody else was payning any attention. i went under water and saw Savannah laying on the bottom of the pool struggling to get up. i imediantly swam over there and grabed her.I pulled her to the top and basicly screamed" Are you ok?!?!? Savannah?!?" she looked up at me and said "niall?" i was about to reply when she passed out or something i starting screaming " Savannah wake up dont leave me! Savanah??please dont leave me!" everybody looked at me "stop screaming gosh niall" louis said i got out of the pool with Savannah in my arms "you idiot! did you not noticed she almost fucking drowned?!?she wont wake up and you expect me stop?" i said really loud . before anyone could say anything i got her shoes and ran down to the emergency room. I was crying i really liked savannah but no one else knows but she wont like me becuase Zayn and Harry usualy get all the girls and i get nothing. "Niall?" i heard someone say my name.I turned around and saw the boys standing by the door towards the lounge for the E.R." what?" I said. "Are you ok?" i got mad then" yes im perfectly fine its not like the girl i love almost died right infront of us and im the only one that noticed and yall told me yelling when im trying to get her awake and all of your attention!" i said sarcasticly. they looked hurr but i could care less right now.i got up and walked to the room Savannah is in. she was asleep . she looked peacefull. i sat down in a chair and watched her sleep.

Savnnahs P.O.V
i woke up and saw just niall sitting in the room with me.i got out of the bed and walked over to him.i wanted to wake him up in a funny wast so i thought for a while. then i remembered how he loved food so i said " Thank you for your chicken combow with 24 pieces of chicken if only i had someone to share it with" he istantly woke up." hey sleepy head!" I said " hayo mayo" he said happily "so what do you want to do today?" he asked "umm.. i dont know what do you wanna do?"
i asked. " how about we go get some breakfest then we go to the flat then have a movie marathon?" he said. " I'd love to" i said . i got up and realized something"umm niall theres a small problem" i said. "what is it?" he asked. "well i dont have any clothes to wear" i said.

Nialls P.O.V
"I dont have anything to wear"she said. "cant you call somebody and ask them to bring you clothes?"i asked."I had extra in my bag but i think zayn had it."l'll call and ask him"i decided."ok thanks!"she said then went into the bathroom conected the room.I got out my phone then called Zayn.


Me:Hi umm do you have savannahs bag?

Zayn:Yea why?

Me:well Savannah has nothing to wear.

Zayn:what about the clothes she wore yesterday?

I heard the shower turn on

Me:their kinda wet.did you notice that she was in a pool?

Zayn:oh yea umm i bring it in a few minutes.

Me:ok see you later.

Zayn:ok bye

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