Love Finally Found

savannah. she has brown eyes long brown hair and braces. she has never fit in with the world, being abused by her stepfather
, being bullied by Eve and her mom dieing. she has finally has enough of it. But what will she do next


6. Doctors office and Stan

Savannahs P.O.V
We sat down and started to talk when i started to feel bad. I held my stomach and hung my head down when liam noticed." Savannah whats wrong are you ok?" he said in a pancked voice. i wanted to say something but when i opened my mouth nothing came out . " Savannah? Savannah are you ok??!?!??"zayn asked. "we..weres the bathroom ?" I asked . "ill take you there i know were its at."ok". Me and liam started to walk to the bathroom and i felt like i was dieing. we walked about a block till we got there. i ran inside and i threwup when another girl came in. "oh my goodness are you alright love?" she asked . i looked and her she looked kinda like olivia holt just slighly skinnier. " im alright just a little sick." i replyed . " did you go to that starbucks about a block away?" she asked. " yeah i did why?" i asked " well there air has really bad gases in them and it makes alot of people sick" she said . " oh ok" i replyed. she handed me a card that said " Dr. Herrings Office" then had a number " anytime you feel bad just call her she my mom and she has been with alot of patients with the same sickness its not bad just try not to go back there ok." I nodded my head then she left. I got up and walked out but liam wasnt there.

Liams P.O.V
savannah was taking a really ling time when this girl came by. She looked like a girl named olivia i met one day but skinnier. she smiled and waved then walked into the bathroom. She was pretty but savannah was prettier.i was standing there when i got a call. it was louis. " hey lou what you need?" Hayo mayo!!!We are bored and was wondering if you and zayn wanted to come over? please!" " ok but if we could could we bring a guest?" " sure thing Leeyum!" " ok thanks seeyou later."" see ya ". after i hung up that girl i saw earlier came out and handed me a cardthen walked was a card for a doctors office . i put in my pocket when savannah came out . she looked worried so i got up from the bench and walked over to her . " you ok love you look worried?" she ran up to me and hugged me but she was crying. i hugged her back and she said " I though you left me."It hurt me when she said that. Why would i leave her?

Zayns P.O.V
I was getting bored since liam and savannah left so i decided to to look on twitter.Ifelt like like i was being watches so i looked up.when i did i saw a man sitting infront of me.he was huge and he had a scare across his face. "umm.. who are you?" i asked scared."im looking for savannah."he said.well someone gets striaght to the piont i thought."why?"i asked."Becuase she ran from me and she shouldnt have." he siad with a evil grin on his face."she isnt here i havent seeen her." i wasnt the best liar ever and he probably can tell. "Tell me were shes at!"he screamed.oh no i thought.

Savannahs P.O.V
Me and liam were walking back to starbucks when i heard screaming.probably just my imagination."sooo savanna"he said kinda funny."yea?" i asked " whats goin on between you and zayn?" "nothing why?"."just wondering" he said."ok then"i replyed

Liams P.O.V
Yayyyyy!!!!! she said she has nothing going on between her and zayn. this means i might actually have a chance with her.!!!!!!!

Savannah P.O.V
we walked through the doors at starbucks and i heard someone scream."Tell me were shes at!".I froze it was Stans voice. what will he do?how did he find me? he'll probably kill me.i got scared so i got closer to liam and held on to him for dear life.

Liams P.O.V
i was listing to music on my phone when me and savannah walked into starbucks.all of the sudden i feel someone grab me. i looked down to see savannah hugging onto me really hard. "love you ok?"i asked. she didnt say anything I got worried "Savannah whats wrong?" she looked up at me with tears streaming down her face."hes here."she said." what are you talking about?whos here?.all the sudden i hear zayn."Liam watch out!" . then everthing went black.

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