Love Finally Found

savannah. she has brown eyes long brown hair and braces. she has never fit in with the world, being abused by her stepfather
, being bullied by Eve and her mom dieing. she has finally has enough of it. But what will she do next


28. authors note ♥♥

ok im sorry the last chapter was you know boring i thought i was artsy today but i guess not and they are getting smaller because i click on something by accident and it will go to type in the middle of the story and wont go where i need it so im sorry about that and i need yall to pick   1,zayn    2.liam     3,louis    ok comment for who should be the boyfriend i cant decide or you can say niall just not harry and the song in the last paragraph is next to you by chris brown ft.justin so bye love you  ♥♥~Savannah.


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