Truly, Madly, Deeply in Love

Gabby Styles is hoping to see her brother, Harry Styles and his band mates from One Direction once again since they left for tour. When they return for a month off, Gabby and her friend Bella are really excited. What happens on the boys' break from tour? Will Gabby fall in love with one of them? Is it meant to be? Read to find out!


2. Just like old times

Harry's POV

 The boys and I were at the mall eating at the food court. We had 4 weeks off from tour and I was ganna take the boys an I to see my family, but we stopped to eat. We hadn't eaten since we got off the plane.

As soon as all of us were done eating our lunch, we were ganna head home but this girl caught my attention. She had brown hair. I could only see the back of her. I told the boys to wait for me outside and that I'll catch up to them later. I went up to the girl and tapped her shoulder.

''Excuse me?'' I said.\

 The girl turned around. Guess who it was.

Gabby's POV

 (A few minutes before)

 Bella, Alex, and I were at the food court eating. We were really hungry. When we were done eating, we were ganna go home.

 ''I need to pee,'' said Alex.

''Alex!'' I said. ''You just went 10 minutes ago.''

''You gatta go when you gatta go.''

''Can't you wait till you get home?''


''I'll take him,'' said Bella kind of annoyed.

''Okay,'' I said. ''I'll wait for you guys here.''

 I sat down at our table for about 10 minutes and they still weren't back from the restroom. What was taking them so long? 

 After waiting for about another 5 minutes, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see who it was.

 No way. It's Harry!

''Harry!'' I jump out of my seat to hug him.

''Gabby!'' he says as he pulls me into a huge hug.

''I missed you so much!'' I say.

''Me too.''

''What are you doing here? Aren't you on tour?''

''I got four weeks off!''

''Really?'' I ask.


''So where are the other boys?'' I ask.

''I told them to wait for me outside,'' he replies.

''Well I'm so glad you're here. I was-''

I never got to finish what I was ganna say because right there and then Alex comes running towards us and Bella running after him.

 ''Harry!'' says my little brother as he runs to Harry.

''Alex!'' yells Harry.

 Harry lifts Alex into the air and hugs him. They looked so cute. Alex was the mini version of Harry. They both had green eyes and their head full of curls.

''Bella!'' says Harry noticing her.

''Harry!'' she says. ''I missed you so much.''

We all form a group hug in the middle of the food court. We were hugging, laughing, and talking. We probably looked like idiots.

A few minutes later, we were outside greeting the other boys. I was so happy they were here. They get to spend 4 weeks with us!

When we all got home, we started watching movies and eating ice cream. It was just like old times.


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