An Endless Light

Sent away to get her “head screwed on straight,” a broken and deteriorated Elizabeth Jacquez goes off on her own journeys and adventures. Well, not really her own and not really by her own choice.

And a careful Ann Casero trails behind, making sure Elizabeth doesn't fall. But, while looking after her own friend, Ann begins to fall herself.

But summer, of course, is meant for fun.

They meet two boys; One, has a life that moves too fast, even for him at times and is just about as screwed up as the girl he see's delivering mail everyday across the hall. He thinks he can see the sadness in her eyes, or does he see himself? The other boy, he's as perfect as perfect gets, but even perfection gets left behind. He swears he'll never love again.


1. The Beginning



“Beautiful, sunny California!” an electrifying voice sang behind me, as we walked up a street full of local businesses, the smell of the ocean fuming the air.

I didn't even have to turn around to know that the easily-charmed 17 year old behind me, had her hands in the air and her head tilted towards the sun, soaking up it's energy. I should have turned around, the sight would have been glamorous, something I had not seen her be in awhile.Her as in Elizabeth Jacquez, average height and almost below-average weight. She had long, not really black but not really brown, hair that trailed to her hips. Oh, Elizabeth's eyes were the finest green eyes I've ever seen. Although, they've darkened since I first met her.

“Elizabeth, hurry” I checked the time “we don't want to be late on our first d--” I turned my head, slightly, but I knew she was no longer there.

We need to send her away, just for awhile.

“Elizabeth!” I shouted, frantic and panic running through me, I couldn't spot her. What color of shirt was she wearing?

She just isn't setting a right example. It'll be good for her.

I ran down the street, searching every inch and crying her name.

Just for the summer.

That's when I heard a familiar laugh, followed by a thank you. I stood on the tip of my toes, looked into the small crowd where I heard the laugh. And there she was, smiling at an old man selling chopped fruit.

Elizabeth caught my eye and grinned, “Want some? Only fifty cents!” I shook my head and sighed, panic leaving my system.

“We have to go” I choked out. Elizabeth waved good-bye to the seller and told him thank you one more time before making her way towards me.

“What were you thinking?” I asked her as we ran towards the steps to our soon-to-be employer. We got to the building with a minute to spare. “I mean, seriously?” I was panting.

“I jus- just” so was she. “Wow,” Elizabeth clenched her chest. “I never,” Breath. “thought” Breath. “running” Breath. “would be” Breath. “so hard,” Long breath. “Man.”

I laughed, “Let's go.”

The inside of the building was huge and white, polished to the speck. “This is a record label?” Elizabeth glanced around. “Hm,” She said boringly, her eyes said differently. They looked amazed. 

They want to get rid of me.

We made our way to the front desk, where a pouty receptionist sat typing away. Elizabeth's shoes squeaked at every step.

Can you believe it?

“Hi, we're the new mailmen?” She looked at me for reassurance, I nodded. “I'm Elizabeth and this is--”

Without even glancing our way the almost middle-aged women finally seemed to take notice in us, “Down hall one,” She nodded towards one of the three hallways in the lobby. “Go straight. Right then a left.”

You end up in the hospital once... Okay, okay, twice and suddenly your family doesn't want you anymore?

With an uneasy look, Elizabeth takes a set of keys tagged Mail Room EJ AC,and I swear the receptionist, her name tag says Gloria, almost bit off her hand. “There's a schedule tapped on to the mail cart,” For the first time, she looks at us, “Don't. Be. Late.”

I mean, California sounds great and all but... Never mind.

“Okay, uhm, thanks.” We started on our way down hall one. “I like her,” Elizabeth smirked. “Only, and I mean only, because I feel that one day she will work for me.” She threw her head back and laughed.

I'm okay, alright? Look at me! I look f-i-n-e.

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