An Endless Light

Sent away to get her “head screwed on straight,” a broken and deteriorated Elizabeth Jacquez goes off on her own journeys and adventures. Well, not really her own and not really by her own choice.

And a careful Ann Casero trails behind, making sure Elizabeth doesn't fall. But, while looking after her own friend, Ann begins to fall herself.

But summer, of course, is meant for fun.

They meet two boys; One, has a life that moves too fast, even for him at times and is just about as screwed up as the girl he see's delivering mail everyday across the hall. He thinks he can see the sadness in her eyes, or does he see himself? The other boy, he's as perfect as perfect gets, but even perfection gets left behind. He swears he'll never love again.


2. Spin, Spin, Spin



We stopped at an intersection, “Did she say right then left or left then right?” I asked Ann, her memory was perfect. She was perfect. She answered by nodding to the right. “I'm sorry, you know?” I glanced down at her. Ann was around four and a half inches shorter than me. That's the one thing I've always been better at than her, I guess, being taller. What a beautiful accomplishment...

“About what?” She was still looking straight ahead, even when we turned the corner. I opened my mouth to say for everything, but before I could she pointed to the mail room. “Here it is!”

It'll be good for you, sweetie.

“Island Records,” I read out loud. The name rang a bell in my memory. The mail cart had around one hundred tabs, one for each office, and dozens of letters in each tab. There was a map taped onto the top of the cart, each floor was colored coded and to the side it named who resided in which room. One in particular, caught my eye, 212- Bieber.

You know we love you. This is for the best.

I could feel Ann reading over my shoulder, her head tilted back laughing. “Looks like Liz has some competition.”

“Competition?” I asked.

She headed out with cart trailing behind, “Who can be the most self-absorbed twat in the building?” She laughed.

The building was five stories, Ann and I were only allowed to be on the first three floors, the top two stories were made up of studios and “writing” rooms. We were already on the second floor, one more and we were finished. “One more, one more,” I sang next to Ann as she pushed the cart, “Then we can go home, home, home.” I began to dance and spin. “but I ain't got a home no more.” I laughed. “Home, home, home,” I spun and spun and spun.

When you get better-- I mean, after the summer, you can come home.

I kept on spinning and thinking about the home I no longer had. Nothing was standing still, everything moved so fast. My adrenaline was racing. I closed my eyes, taking in the feeling.

I heard Ann gasp, then I felt my shoulder hit something hard. Next thing, I was on the floor, my brain still spinning along with my body. I felt dizzy and my head hurt. Spinning wasn't as much fun on the floor as it had been in the air.

We just want the old you back.

“Oh, shit!” A foregin but strangely familiar voice boomed. “You alright?” The voice sounded loud but so far away. “Hey?” I felt him, I'm sure it was a boy's voice, lightly shaking my knee. “You okay?” I felt another presence shuffle next to him. I opened my eyes, everything was blurry, I blinked a few times till everything was clear again. “Can you get up?” I was sitting up, he was inches away from me, searching every inch of my face, my eyes, looking for any signs of injury.

He had wrinkles swimming across his forehead, his eyes looked tired, and his lips were a flushing pink. I smiled to myself. He did have some feminine qualities. “Yeah,” I heard myself speak. Yeah, to the question he had asked about three minutes ago. I slowly began to rise, his hand lifting me up by my elbow, strong but careful. I could feel someone else's touch, a touch I knew I could never forget, sweet Ann.

Nothing was spinning anymore. The world made sense again. That's when I actually saw him, he was now two feet away, still analyzing. “I'm fine, thank you.”I told him. Now, it was my turn to scrutinize him, make sure he was the real thing, but before I could a scorching, red-faced receptionist stomped behind him. An accidental, “shit,” whispered out. He smiled before turning around to see what I was so scared of. That's when I took note of his back, mapping every detail about him. This couldn't be real, could it? I mean, I couldn't have just smacked into the Justin Bieber?

Before it could all click he turned to me, “Don't worry,” and winked. No, no, it was sure him. The receptionist eyes, I swear, were on fire and they were set directly on me. “Gloria!” His once worried expression transitioned into a glowing one. Gloria's eyes softened at his smile.

She smiled at him, “H-hi-hi,” she stammered. I couldn't help but let out a small laugh. She must have forgotten about me for a second because her eyes widened, remembering she was not alone with a handsome star. Her eyes quickly turned into flames again, a dark glare. “You!” She hissed. “What did--” Gloria began.

“You look lovely today, Gloria.” He casted his spell on her again.

She blushed, “I'm sorry, Justin,” she glanced back at me. “If she harmed you in anyway, I want you to know I have it under control.” He was staring at her, not the kind of stare that gets under your skin but the kind that every girl wishes they were looked at, Gloria was turning redder and redder. “an-a-and I'll have her fired this--”

He laughed, his white teeth shinning- I swear, I wouldn't have noticed but Gloria was staring so hard at him. Now her stare, was the kind that got under your skin. “There's no need for that,” he chuckled and let his arm fall onto her shoulder. “It was my fault, if anything.” He smiled at her, then looked at me. “Promise.” Then, of course, he slowly licked his lips and gave the receptionist another charming smile.

“O-okay,” Gloria nodded before walking back to the elevator.

I looked behind me, to see if Ann had seen what just happened. She was gone.

“How was that?” He asked. I looked back at him, the superstar, he was grinning ear to ear, satisfied. I didn't know if I felt starstruck or disgusted.

Don't worry, we'll see each other again.

“I have to go,” was all I could say.

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