An Endless Light

Sent away to get her “head screwed on straight,” a broken and deteriorated Elizabeth Jacquez goes off on her own journeys and adventures. Well, not really her own and not really by her own choice.

And a careful Ann Casero trails behind, making sure Elizabeth doesn't fall. But, while looking after her own friend, Ann begins to fall herself.

But summer, of course, is meant for fun.

They meet two boys; One, has a life that moves too fast, even for him at times and is just about as screwed up as the girl he see's delivering mail everyday across the hall. He thinks he can see the sadness in her eyes, or does he see himself? The other boy, he's as perfect as perfect gets, but even perfection gets left behind. He swears he'll never love again.


3. Pale Face



It'll be fun, Justin said looking, more like checking himself out, in the mirror. I was sprawled over my bedroom room floor, watching him and wondering how he kept it all together. And good for you. He squinted at his reflection, examining the structure of his face. Get your mind off, Justin paused and bit the inside of his lips. I could see it in his eyes that he didn't know whether to say it or not, in eyes I could also see disappointment. In what? Me? Himself? Of everything. He turned to me. And her, especially her. Justin grinned and then kept on talking about the beaches, weather and, of course, hot babes. Oh, Just come on! He couldn't think of anymore things* that could persuade me into tagging along with him. It'll be like starting over. Justin needs the starting over... Wait, maybe I do too.

I sighed, Okay, I told him, facing away. He let out a chuckle that was full of success, like in everything he did. Okay what? I could hear the grin in his voice as he asked. Okay, I'll go to California with you, I stood up, for what felt like the first time in months. And meet hot babes. I answered. And get my mind off the girl who was destined to shatter my heart.


Justin and I got off the elevator, I acknowledged the two girls pushing a mail cart down the hall, didn't think much of them as I listened to Justin talk about how he was surprised there weren't any screaming girls or cameras outside the building. One of the girls, the taller one, started spinning. She spun with energy that began to fly off her and all across the hall. I smiled to myself and then wondered if I would ever feel that content again.

I moved to the opposite side the spinning girl was on, hoping not to hit her. I expected Justin had followed but when I turned around to grin at him about the girls, he wasn't there then there was a thud and then the spinning girl had fallen.

I glanced around and my eyes landed on a pale face with black hair braided across her shoulder. Her eyes were full of laughter and wonder. Then, something clicked in her brain when she gave Justin a second look. Her chapped lips shaped into a small “o.” I expected her to scream or faint, instead she turned to me, who had been watching her. I mentally slapped myself in the head. I felt myself trying to smile at her, then my hand started to wave. Her eyes looked bewildered and then she fell to the side of the other girl, trying to pull the spinning girl back together. It hit me what just happened and how rude I was being.

I tried helping but was too late. Justin and the other girl were carefully setting the spinning girl on her feet. I searched behind me for some magical food to appear so I could contribute. There, of course, was none. I turned back around and the only people there were Justin and the spinning girl, who had striking green eyes.

I gazed around, had I imagined the pale faced girl?

The spinning girl let out a swear, I looked at her and then what she was staring off to, the receptionist from the front desk. She was middle-aged, a little under the attractive side, and anger was building up in her eyes and sending daggers to the spinning girl. I looked her Justin, who I knew would woo her over, I felt that was my cue to go. The receptionist, I think her name is Gloria, has always had a slight crush on Justin. By slight I mean it was almost an obsession, she kissed the ground he walked on. As for me, she never so far as looked at me. Unless I was alone, without Justin, she would snear* at my presence.

I made it back to the room where Justin had settled in and claimed his office. I sat behind the desk, the chair had wheels on bottom, I started spinning like the girl had been. I closed my eyes.

I felt her, the girl who had left me, her hands wrapped around me. She was laughing as I spun her around. We were in my backyard, I knew I was sitting in an office in L.A but I could smell the spring showers from the night before tangled with the scent that will forever be link to her. I could feel her finger on my neck, hear her laugh. I felt like I was going back in time, is that what the spinning girl felt? Did she see, feel, and smell past memories that were so sweet and fragile you could almost taste it in your mouth?

I stopped, in the real world and in the memory, all the senses of the memory* were slowly drifting away but I heard her say she loves me and I could feel her lips centimeters from mine. “I love you too” I said to her, to no one.

Her lips where nearly on me, “Uhm, okay?” that voice wasn't hers. I opened my eyes, out of the trance, and found Justin shuffling through unopened letters and glancing at me with skeptical eyes. My head was now spinning, I felt my body slightly moving along with it. “Are you alright?” He was standing on the other side of the desk, holding the mail in his hand, he was spinning to. I knew, he was only spinning in my eyes. I felt queasy. I leaned back and closed my eyes. “Christian?” he called out, he sound far away, his voice sounded slightly irritated and slightly worried.

I opened my eyes and everything was back to normal. “Yeah, sorry.” I shook my head, trying to shake off the feeling and memory. “What's up?” Justin's eye were still searching, still uncertain.

“Let's go for a walk.”

Next thing I knew I was walking along the boardwalk with Justin. His face covered with a mask he bought from an Indian shop. He said he didn't want to draw attention and let people know who he was. Justin had done this antic before. Not even ten minutes in girls and a few grown men and women were trailing behind. We started walking quicker, then we were running. Once we had lost most of them Justin threw away his twenty-five cent mask. “Piece of crap,” he muttered under his breath. He looked at me a grinned.

Without the mask, only a few people would stare, then look away. That's a lie, cameras were following us – at least from a distance. Girls still also would “discreetly” follow us too. There were only a few because it was such an awkward part of the day. Justin would finally give them the attention they wanted, sign a few things, take pictures and then some of them would scram off.

I like to think that even without the fame Justin and I would still catch a few stares. Girls, well groups of them, certainly wouldn't be stalking us but they would surely gawk. Two toned and symmetrically blessed whites boy were what southern California beaches were made for.

Justin coincidentally chose a picnic table that gave an impeccable view of two long legged, sun-kissed girls in short, and I mean short, daisy dukes. With my black shaded sunglasses I could easily stare at them without them knowing. My mind wouldn't stay on them, my thoughts would float away to Jackie. Funny, her name even hurts to think about.

Justin had, again, coincidentally had his back to them. “I'm goin' to go buy a snow cone.” he was gone. As if him and the sun-kissed girls had planned this out, the tanner one of the two made her way towards me. “Hi,” she smiled it was sweet and it sent me back to Jackie, her smile when I gave her the promise ring I worked my ass off to get, going to watch her long legs strut down a runway even if it meant not getting any sleep, holding her in arms instead of my family. I looked away from the girl, ignoring her. She got the hint and walked off. Her tight-end peeking out of her shorts.

Justin was back, a snow cone in hand.“Man,” he shook his head. “she did break you.”

I watched the girl I turned down walk in the direction of the beach, her shoulders now slightly slouching, “Yeah, I guess so.”

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