♥Meeting My Superman♥

Lydia`Rae Denova is just a normal 18 year old girl. She's been through everything you could possibly think of. Rape, Lies, Love, & More Lies. She was raped everytime her mother's boyfriend could lay a hand on her. Her mother is a crack-head who doesn't give a crap about her daughter, and the father was an illegal immagrent in the United States had got imported back to Mexico. Even though the mother's boyfriend rapes Lydia, Lydia is too scared to run away. Her mother's boyfriend has even started to abuse Lydia. What should Lydia do? Read this fanfiction & find out about how Lydia gets swepted away by her "Superman".♥


1. Meeting My Superman♥

                          Lydia's POV

I'm sitting on my couch reading an amazing J-14 Magazine article about One Direction when I hear beeping. Beeping from my mother's boyfriend's timer. Oh no. No. No. No. No. No. It's time. "Lydia get the hell up and go lay on your bed!" Marcus yelled. I got up and ran to my bed. Where is my mom, I started to think. Marcus slammed my door open, hopped on top of me and gripped my hands above my head. He ripped my shirt opened, and I started to cry. He slapped me twice in the face, demanding me to stop. I sniffled, he scares me so much. He haunts me in my nightmares. Marcus pulled down my pants and underwear, noticing I'm on my period. "Lydia, what the hell? I'll be back in 15 minutes, stay here or i'll beat you when I get back." Marcus said. "Where are you going?" I wispered. "To Walmart to get you some tampons you retarted slut." He yelled. Marcus slammed my door shut, and I ran to my dresser to pack clothes in my black Jansport bag. I stuffed clothes in the bag quick noticing I had about 6 minutes until Marcus got home, or even my mother. I put on some clean clothes and packed my deodarent and toothbrush. I opened my door and ran to the kitchen, packing a couple snacks and drinks for a couple days. I went to the back door, opened it, then locked it, then shut it, and the I ran as fast as I could down the back road. I heard a man yell, more like Marcus' voice. He never takes the back road. I saw him in his red Mustang speeding at me. I jumped to my left in some bush hoping Marcus didn't see me, since it was late and dark out. Yes, he didn't. He kept speeding foward. I got up and started to run to Center City's park, which is only two miles away. Hopefully Marcus or my mother won't find me. Hopefully. I was two blocks away when I stopped at a McDonalds for a happymeal. Yes, I brought money. My mom's a crakhead and a drug dealer, why wouldn't I have money? I got my food and drink and walked to Center City's park. I started to cry, while my mascara started to drip. Damn, I didn't put on my waterproof mascara. I walked towards my favorite swing my father would swing me on every Saturday. And today was Saturday. I pulled out my J-14 Magazine and stared at Louis Tomlinson's face from One Direction. "He's so gorgeous." I sniffled, still crying. "Are you okay?" Some person asked sitting on the swing next to me. I didn't even notice them their. "Who are you?" I asked. The boy stood infront of me. I looked at the cover of my magazine which was Louis Tomlinson, and back at the boy standing infront of me. Woah, he looks exactly like my Superman♥

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