♥Meeting My Superman♥

Lydia`Rae Denova is just a normal 18 year old girl. She's been through everything you could possibly think of. Rape, Lies, Love, & More Lies. She was raped everytime her mother's boyfriend could lay a hand on her. Her mother is a crack-head who doesn't give a crap about her daughter, and the father was an illegal immagrent in the United States had got imported back to Mexico. Even though the mother's boyfriend rapes Lydia, Lydia is too scared to run away. Her mother's boyfriend has even started to abuse Lydia. What should Lydia do? Read this fanfiction & find out about how Lydia gets swepted away by her "Superman".♥


3. Louis William Tomlinson♥

                         Lydia's POV

"I'm Louis" he said. I was shocked. "Louis Tomlinson?" I wispered. Louis came closer and said yes. "What's your name?" He said. "Lydia. Lydia Denova." I said while still crying. "What's wrong." He said while walking over to the swing next to me. I needed to tell somebody. "Can we walk and talk please?" I said. We both got up and started to walk. He took his jacket off and put it around me. "So?" Louis said. "I need some where to go. Some where safe." "Why, what's wrong?" Louis said. We turned the nearest corner on the main avenue. "My mother's boyfriend is after me." "Why?" Louis stopped and looked at me in shock. I took the jacket off and handed it to him. I also took off my sweater. I pulled up my shirt a little to show my stomach. About 4 bruises appeared. I took the jacket and sweater back putting them back on. "What happened Lydia?" "My mom's boyfriend's name is Marcus. He ummm.." I tried saying. "You can tell me. I won't judge you. Even though we just ment, trust me. I'm actually a great guy." Louis said. "I know, your'e amazing. Well Marcus raped me as much as he could. And he even started to abuse me." "What? Oh my god Lydia I'm so sorry. Where's your mom?" He said while hugging me. "She doesn't care, she's a drug-dealer and she also does them." Louis took my hand and ran to a nearest flat. He got keys out, and unlocked the door bringing me inside. We walked up the steps and into the place. Nobody was in the livingroom. Guess he lives alone. He sat me down. "Lydia, you can stay here if you want." Lou said. "I couldn't, we just ment." "No, no. Please?" He said. "Oh, okay. And thankyou very much." I replied. "My mates and I are going through a rough time. I love them all, but we can't stop arguing." Lou said. "Just talk things through with them. See how they're  dealing with this." "Come here." He said. He walked me to a room that was beautifully decorated. "This is your's. Brand new clothes and they would fit you. Trust me." Louis said. Why was he doing this? He is so nice. "Thankyou." He said goodnight and walked out, slowly closing the door. I put some comftorable pajamas on, hopped on the bed, covers up, and fell right asleep.

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