♥Meeting My Superman♥

Lydia`Rae Denova is just a normal 18 year old girl. She's been through everything you could possibly think of. Rape, Lies, Love, & More Lies. She was raped everytime her mother's boyfriend could lay a hand on her. Her mother is a crack-head who doesn't give a crap about her daughter, and the father was an illegal immagrent in the United States had got imported back to Mexico. Even though the mother's boyfriend rapes Lydia, Lydia is too scared to run away. Her mother's boyfriend has even started to abuse Lydia. What should Lydia do? Read this fanfiction & find out about how Lydia gets swepted away by her "Superman".♥


2. I'm Louis♥

                              Louis POV

The boys were getting on my nerves. I had to get out the flat. Everyone was arguing over which kind of kitten were getting. I walked to Center City's park since it was right down the street. I was tired of all this arguing, and Liam couldn't even stop it. Nobody could. I walked over to a swing to get my mind of things. I thought of everything you could possibly think of. I was swinging when a girl sat on the swing next to me. I guess she didn't notice me. She was crying, holy crap what if she notices me? I'm Louis Tomlinson for god sakes. She pulled something out of her bag. "Theyr'e so gorgeous." The girl said. I walked infront of her. "Are you okay?" I said to her. She looked up and said "Who are you?" She looked at the thing in her hand and back at me. I could barely see her since it was dark out. I needed someone to talk to. Someone who didn't care I was Louis Tomlinson, from #1 boyband in the world One Direction. "I'm Louis."



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