♥Meeting My Superman♥

Lydia`Rae Denova is just a normal 18 year old girl. She's been through everything you could possibly think of. Rape, Lies, Love, & More Lies. She was raped everytime her mother's boyfriend could lay a hand on her. Her mother is a crack-head who doesn't give a crap about her daughter, and the father was an illegal immagrent in the United States had got imported back to Mexico. Even though the mother's boyfriend rapes Lydia, Lydia is too scared to run away. Her mother's boyfriend has even started to abuse Lydia. What should Lydia do? Read this fanfiction & find out about how Lydia gets swepted away by her "Superman".♥


4. *I'm Living With A Star*

                             Lydia's POV  

I woke up and looked over to my right at an alarm clock. A hello kitty alarm clock. It was 3:29 A.M. Uhh. I got up and threw some slippers on. I walked out the room quietly so Louis wouldn't wake up. I seriously can't believe I am staying in the same household as Louis Tomlinson. I'm a fan and he's a star. I walked down the hallway and walked into the kitchen. I opened the fridge and took out some milk. I poured a glass. "What are you doing?" I spun around. "Umm, I'm getting some milk." I replied. It was Harry Styles. "Why are you in my flat?" He said with a confusing face. "Oh, um Louis let me stay here. Sorry. If you want me to leave, I can?" I said. "Oh no, you don't have to." Harry came closer and stole my milk. "Thanks." "That's mine." I yelled trying to take it back. "What's your name?" Harry said. "Lydia." Now give it back. "I'll give it back to you if you do something for me." He said quietly. "What?" As I stopped jumping from getting the milk. "Kiss me?" Harry said. "I-I just ment y-." I was stopped by Harry kissing me. He gripped me up and put me on the counter still kissing me. I knocked over the glass of milk. Why was Harry kissing me? I like it but I like Louis. I always have since X-Factor. "What is going on?" As I heard someone walk in. Harry and I both turned to see Niall Horan. Shit. I hopped off the counter and stared at Niall. My trought tightened up, I was so shy and embarrassed.

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