One Direction Imagines


Copyright All Rights Reserved © 2012-2013 LaPokemon


5. For: Direction_13_

"Darcy! Darcy! Darcy! Wake up!" Your little sister, Dana screams jumping up and down on your bed.

"Ugh! What do you want?" You say annoyed. She sits on top of you and stares at your face, her eyes wide. "How do you know Niall from One Direction!?" She says.

"What are you talking about?" You say in a sleepy voice.

"How do you know that guy," She says pointing to your bedroom door. You rub your eyes and see Niall standing there smiling. 

"Oh, hey Niall." You say.

"He Darcy," He says smiling.

"Can you please get off of me Dana." You beg your sister. 

"Fine!" She says and rolls off of you. 

"Dana, go play with Niall while I get dressed." You say.

"Okay! Let's go Niall!" She says pulling Niall out of the bedroom with her.    
You then go into your bathroom and start to get ready. You decide to wear a simple outfit, you put on a dark green shirt with a white heart in the middle saying Ms. Niall Horan, which is something Niall bought for you, with a denim jacket over it. You put on your white shorts and a pair of sandals and go to Dana's room. You go in and see her and Niall playing with her doll house, which she grew out of years ago. "Ready to go Niall?" You say.

"Yeah, let's go." he says getting up.

"Aw, do you have to go now?" Dana says with a puppy dog face.

"Not gonna fall for it," You say folding your arms. She pouts her lip, "Still no," You say smiling.

"Fine! Bye Nialler!" Dana says as you and Niall walk out of her room.

You yell to your parents that you were going out then you and Niall leave. You get into the car and he starts to drive, "I love your shirt," Niall says smirking.

"Thanks, I couldn't find any other one." You joke. "So where are we going?" 

"Movie Marathon at Lou's house, the rest of the boys are there too." He says.

"Oh," You reply, after about a 20 minute drive you reach Louis' house. 


You hide your face in Niall's chest, you guys were watching a horror movie and you got scared. 

"Aw, poor Darcey. It's fake blood you know." Louis teases. 

"Looks real to me," You say looking back at the screen. The screen then goes black and the lights turn off in the house. 

"We got black out!" Zayn says. Then you see something jump out on the t.v. screen, (like in normal horror movies.) "Ah!" You say burying your face again.

"It's okay Darcey," Niall says pulling you into a hug. 

"It's time for the hater's kiss!" Louis screams.

You look back at the t.v. and see the most grossest kiss in the world, "Yuck! That's so gross!" You exclaim. 

"This is not gross," Niall says crashing his lips against yours.



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