One Direction Imagines


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3. For: BubbleGum423

You didn't put your name.

You wake up knowing today is the day to pick out a Christmas tree. You go over to your best friend Niall's room to wake him up. Before you could knock on the door he opens the door, "Ready to go Christmas tree shopping!?" He says very loudly.

"Yeah, let's go! And quiet down a bit." You reply.

You guys eat a quick breakfast, then head out. When you reach the store you see a variety of Christmas trees. "Ooh, look at that one (Y/N)!" Niall says pointing to a green Christmas tree with white flakes on it. 

"That's nice, but I like that one." You say pointing to the green one with a huge snowflake star at the top.

After about 50 trees you guys finally decide on a green tree covered in white snowflakes, with a giant star at the top. It was kind of a mixture of both. Before you could go and buy it Niall says he wants to go and talk to Santa. "Niall, are you serious? We're too old for that." You say.

"Pleeeeeaaaassseeee (Y/N)!!!" He begs.

"Okay, fine." You reply.

Then you go  in line to go sit on Santa's lap.

Niall's Pov

When we meet up in front (Y/N) goes to the side and waits on me. I go next to Santa and sit on his lap, "Well what do you want for Christmas?" He asks.

"Well, you see that girl there.." I say in a whisper. 

"Yeah?" He replies.

"I wanna be more than friends." I say.

"If you're this close, it can happen. I guarantee it." He says. Then I get up and go next to her. 

Your POV

"So, ready to go." You ask.

"Yup!" He replies. 

"Misletoe!" Everyone in the room shouts. You look up and see the mistletoe above You and Niall. You look back at him, "Well..?" I say.

"It is a mistletoe." He replies. Then he leans in and kisses you passionately. Everyone cooing and saying 'aw' 

*Hope you like!* Make the rest tomorrow..

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