One Direction Imagines


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4. For: 1Dlover222


"Go away Louis!" You say covering your face with the blanket.

"Come on Jenna! We have one more week before I go on tour, I wanna spend a day with my girl." He begs. 

"Ugh! Fine Lou!" You say taking the blanket off and sitting up. "So watcha got planned?" You say rubbing your eyes.

"Get ready, don't wear anything anything fancy." He says.

"Okay..." You say confused. Louis leaves and you get up and get ready. When you get downstairs you see a note on the couch, you pick it up and read it, 'Jenna- If you're done come outside. xxxLouis' You go to the back and slide the screen door, as soon as you opened the door a water balloon hits your face. "Oh, it's on now!" You say chasing Louis. 

"Okay guys, calm down! Let's start, balloons are over there!" Niall says already running to the bucket with balloons. You run behind and grab some balloons then start throwing at everyone, you hit Harry straight in his face and then he chases you. Then you take the rest of your balloons and aim them at him and throw, you got a few. Then Louis jumps in front of you with a water gun. "Gotchta!" He says. You run away as fast as you can with Louis hot on your trail. Then he tackles you and pins you to the floor. "You win." You surrender. 

"Couldn't beat me anyway," He says. Right now you guys are both soaking wet, along with the others too. Who were just randomly throwing water balloons at each other. Then Louis leans in kissing you with his wet hair dripping. You kiss him back, and you two share that moment for what feels like forever, you feel sparks fly every time you guys kiss. "Get a room!" Harry yells.

Louis backs out of the kiss, "Sorry guys." You say. Louis gets up and stretches his hand out to help you up. You gladly accept it and he pulls you up 

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