One Direction Imagines


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2. Any Member

Your Baby: Mummy, can you tell me a story before I go to bed?

You: Sure love, which one do you want me to read to you?

Your Baby: No, no mummy. No book, tell me how you met daddy.

You: *thinking, that's a little too awkward for her/him to know* Daddy and I met in the magical sugar kingdom, you daddy won mummy's heart by making her heart shaped rose cupcakes. Then we took our chocolate to make you, that's why you are as sweet as can be!

Your Baby: That sounds different from what daddy told me.

You: What did daddy tell you?

Your Baby: He said he was in the girls bathroom at school and that's how he met you.

One Direction Member of Your Choice: I never said than darling. You were probably dreaming. Mummy and I met in the magical kingdom of sugar.

Your Baby: But daddy, that makes no sense. Tell me another story! I have one! Your first kiss..?

One Direction Member of Your Choice: It goes something like this. *He leans in and kisses you.*

Your Baby: Aw, that's sweet as the chocolate that made me!



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