Her heart had been broken. Many times. Abby doesn't think it wise to trust anyone too much now. Except for her best friend Harry. He was always there for her and she thought she might've been falling for him. But when Harry's best mate, Zayn, comes along, Abby is torn. Leave it to two boys to take her on a bumpy ride that she definitely didn't ask for, and yet a ride so irresistible.


4. Unexpected

I quickly freshened myself up, putting on a cute outfit before I was going to head to the studio. I could tell I was slightly nervous, but I couldn't tell if it was because I was going to be playing the guitar in front of others for the first time or if it was because of Zayn. Some weird feeling was boiling up in me, and I was afraid that was gaining feelings for him. Of course I could never be more than a friend to him; I had promised Louis that I wouldn't date any of them. Although I could see Louis' reasoning, I couldn't exactly see why not. I shook my thoughts from my head and headed to my car. As I chugged down the road I decided to stop at Caribou to grab something to drink, considering that I was still exhausted from last night. I walked into the coffee shop and got in line. As I checked my phone, I heard someone call my name. "Abby!" I quickly turned around and a smile came to my face as I saw who was standing behind me. "Julia! How have you been?" I gave my best friend a big hug and asked her, "How was Paris?" Her eyes sparkled and she smiled. "Paris was phenomenal! We got back just yesterday. But never mind about me. How have you been?" ---20 minutes later--- Julia and I were seated at a table catching up. It had been so long since I had talked to her, with both of our busy lives. "How is that brother of yours doing? He's on tour right?" "Actually, Louis just got home with the boys just the other day." "Oh really? How are the others doing? I haven't talked to them in a while!" "Julia, the most you've ever said was 'hi.'" I don't think that counts." Julia just snapped back saying, "Yeah, well I've seen them at your house plenty of times...I think that's good enough." You two laughed for a couple moments when she cut in, " are you and Zayn these days?" She raised her eyebrow while my cheeks started to burn. "Wha..what are you talking about? Zayn?" "Oh come on...don't tell me you've never noticed that he's had feelings for you! Seriously, Abby?" I just blankly stared at her. What was she talking about? Suddenly, realization seemed to strike her face as she said, "Oh! I must've not told you before I left!" "What?!" I was so confused right now. "It was just before the boys were going to go on tour, and I had slept over at your place. I was walking through the hall when I heard Zayn talking to Louis and he mentioned your name." Right now, knots were furiously tightening in my stomach and I could feel my cheeks burn a touch redder. "Let's see...what exactly did he say?" Julia said in a teasing manner. "Come on, what did he say?" I asked anxiously. " start, he was talking about how much he had always-" Suddenly my phone started to ring, scaring me. I picked it up, wanting Julia to finish off her story. I saw Louis' caller I.D. show up so I answered it, motioning to Julia to wait. "Abby, where the heck are you? I thought Zayn told you to come around noon!" I quickly glanced at the clock, cursing under my breath when I saw that it was 1:15. "Lou, I'm so sorry! I got carried away...I happened to meet Julia at Caribou." "You know what?! I don't care about what you're doing. Just get your ass over here as soon as possible. I really want to record some of our songs today, Abby!" His voice was becoming agitated, so I responded in an equally charged voice, "Well, Lou, I think I deserved to know about us recording it! You can't just expect me to be ready at a moments notice!" "Fine! Just get here now, okay?" And with that Lou dramatically hung up. Geez, that kid had way too much sass sometimes. I looked at Julia who was giving me a questioning look. I apologetically said, "Julia, I'm so sorry but I really have to go.  I was supposed to meet up with the boys at the studio for some recording. And I am very late, which is making Louis very angry." I stood up as she said, "No, don't worry. I'm sorry I held you up." "No, it's not your fault...well it was so great to see you again! Call me up! We need to hang out again soon." She smiled and said, "Sure thing, girl! See you soon!" I then rushed out the door and climbed into my car. As I drove down the highway, I noticed that it had suddenly gotten dark outside. And soon enough rain started to pour. "Lou is gonna kill me." The rain started to get so heavy that I had a difficulty seeing where I was going. I was coming up to an intersection, so I stopped at the sign. I accelerated forward but caught glimpse of an oncoming car on my left side. My eyes widened in fright as I realized we were going to crash. I heard horns honking and I could feel myself open my mouth to let out a scream, but no sound was made. There was a flash of blinding light, and a deafening noise of metal smashing, and then there was nothing. I was unconscious.
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