Her heart had been broken. Many times. Abby doesn't think it wise to trust anyone too much now. Except for her best friend Harry. He was always there for her and she thought she might've been falling for him. But when Harry's best mate, Zayn, comes along, Abby is torn. Leave it to two boys to take her on a bumpy ride that she definitely didn't ask for, and yet a ride so irresistible.


3. The Notebook

The words kept ringing through my head. "She's too good for you." What had Louis meant by that? Of course Harry was a good guy. I had known him for years now, so what was so wrong with him? I was only half-asleep right now, I was still trying to wake up from my late night last night. Suddenly, the doorbell rang and my eyes flashed open. I immediately got up out of bed and dashed downstairs, tripping over all the boys' trash from last night. I opened the front door to see Zayn, who slightly blushed and turned away when he saw me open the door. I glanced down at myself, realizing I was only in my pajamas, so I wrapped my robe closer to my body. Zayn cleared his throat to break the awkward air and I let him in the door. "So..." I said, kind of lost for words, "Do you need help with anything?" Zayn looked up at me and said, "Well, Louis just asked me to stop by and pick up something he forgot to bring to the studio." "Oh...well, feel free to search the house for it.... Good luck finding whatever you need. God, Lou can be a pig sometimes." Zayn laughed at my comment, which, for some reason, made my stomach erupt with butterflies. What was wrong with me? I ignored this when Zayn then said, "Actually, I might need your help. He said that you would know where it is." I looked at him quizzically as he continued, "He needs your 'secret notebook.'" I was stunned. I had thought that Louis would ask me before he would use the notebook. But I realized I was blankly staring at Zayn, so I snapped back into reality. "I...yeah...I can help you find that...come with me." So I led Zayn upstairs to the hall closet. I opened it up, revealing a disaster of random blankets and towels. I secretly prayed that I would be able to miraculously find the notebook somewhere in here. Finally, I stumbled upon the ratty blue notebook labeled in black sharpie with "Louis and Abby's." I opened it up and fanned through it, seeing all the pencil marks scribbled on the paper. I quietly handed it over to Zayn, as he asked me, "Abby, may I ask what's in here?" I slightly hesitated but then I said, "Oh, it's all of the songs that Louis and I have written over the years. It would help us take our minds of things from school or family. I don't know why Louis needs this...It's not like there's anything special in here...I mean...mot of them were written years ago when-" Zayn cut me off and asked, "I see you have markings for guitar..I never knew that Lou played." "Oh actually," I corrected him proudly, "I play the guitar." Zayn had a hint of surprise in his face, "Really? Well I'd want to hear you play some time...I'm sure your amazing." I could feel my cheeks burn red at his comment, but Zayn quickly spoke before I could respond, "Hey, why don't you come into the studio today? I'm sure Louis would be very grateful if you were there to play guitar." He flashed me his smile, as I looked down to the ground smiling to myself. I then felt my chin lift up to face him, realizing it was Zayn's soft hand guiding me. "Please?" he said. "I...I don't know, Zayn.." "For me Abby?" I suddenly locked eyes with his beautiful brown ones. I could feel my heart pounding against my chest, about to rip out. The butterflies kicked in my stomach once more. I opened my mouth to speak, but only a few words tumbled out my mouth, "I..yeah, Zayn..." A big smile appeared on his face as he said, "Okay, be at the studio by noon." Zayn swiftly walked down the staircase and I heard him close the front door behind him. My heart slowly started to calm down while I felt a grin stretch across my face. I was utterly confused at what just happened, but only one word escaped my smiling mouth, "Zayn." 
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