Her heart had been broken. Many times. Abby doesn't think it wise to trust anyone too much now. Except for her best friend Harry. He was always there for her and she thought she might've been falling for him. But when Harry's best mate, Zayn, comes along, Abby is torn. Leave it to two boys to take her on a bumpy ride that she definitely didn't ask for, and yet a ride so irresistible.


5. One Stitch, Two Stitch

Nameless voices. That's all I could hear. They were muffled, so I couldn't make much of them. I told myself to open my eyes and see my surroundings, but my body refused. However much I tried, my numb body could not budge. My head started to hurt. Well, that probably wasn't a good sign. Then, I heard a familiar voice. "How is she doctor?" the voice worriedly asked. "She's recovering. Don't worry. In fact, she's been making quite a lot of progress in the last couple of hours." The familiar voice did not respond to the woman who must've been the doctor. Wait. Doctor? Was I in a hospital? What the hell happened? I could start to feel the numbness leave my body. At first, I thought this was a good thing. But then I realized that I could feel pain. A lot of it. My body was achey, but I could feel my heartbeat coming back up to normal speed. Once again, I willed myself to open my eyes, and this time, they complied. I heard a voice say, "She's coming back to consciousness." As my eyes, fluttered open, I instantly regretted it, because the bright light from the windows was too bright for me right now. Suddenly, someone burst in through the door, and I weakly smiled when I saw who it was. "Abby!" "Lou..." I barely whispered. "Oh dear God, you gave me a heart attack." "I'm okay Lou, I'm right here." He started trembling in the seat right next to me, with his face buried in his hands. I gently reached out and my weak hand slowly grabbed his. His head then turned to me, while tears streamed down his face. I couldn't bear seeing my big brave brother falling to pieces right in front of me. "Abby...This was all my fault. I shouldn't have gotten so mad at you and forced you to come to the studio." " wasn't your fault," I breathed. Speaking took so much effort on my part that i just decided to hold Lou's hand and weakly smile at him. He was soon able to return my smile. He sighed and said, "There's someone else who wants to see you. I'll let him in once the doctor's done fixing you up." I slowly nodded, as he left the room, leaving me with the doctor and nurses. I looked down at my left arm. I saw small cuts going up all along my arm, probably from shards of glass. I heard a loud noise out of the window on my right, so I sharply turned my neck. But I winced in pain as I did so. One of the nurses said, "Better not do that. Otherwise, you might rip out the stitches by your neck." My eyes widened in shock to hear of the stitches. Now, I'll probably have a scar there for the rest of my life. I gently lifted my right arm to feel the stitches. One, two, three, four, five nasty stitches adorned my neck. And I could feel hot tears start to form in my eyes, but I drifted off to sleep right as they rolled down my cheeks.
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