Her heart had been broken. Many times. Abby doesn't think it wise to trust anyone too much now. Except for her best friend Harry. He was always there for her and she thought she might've been falling for him. But when Harry's best mate, Zayn, comes along, Abby is torn. Leave it to two boys to take her on a bumpy ride that she definitely didn't ask for, and yet a ride so irresistible.


6. Not My Girl

I woke up the next morning with an achey body. As I blinked my eyes open, I saw a figure sitting in the hospital chair, fast asleep. It took me a while to figure out who it was, but eventually, I realized that it was Zayn. He looked to peaceful, just sleeping there. Soon enough, his eyes began to flutter open. He then looked right at me, and jolted upright. "Abby. You're up. Can I get you anything?" He looked eager to help, so I smiled and said, "Actually, some water would be nice." Standing up, Zayn replied, "Okay," and walked out the door. I smiled to myself, thinking that Zayn had stayed here all night to wait for me, making the butterflies flutter in my stomach. 

*Harry's P.O.V.* I was walking into the hospital to see Abby. I had wanted to stay overnight, but Louis insisted that I went home. I knew he cared for his sister, and I was trying to forget about that argument we had had, however Louis seemed more protective than ever. He wouldn't leave me by her bedside alone, even when she was sleeping. And it was really annoying me. As I started walking down her hall, I saw Zayn walk out of her room. I was kind of confused but I ignored it when he came over to me, saying, "Abby's up...she just wants some water." "Better get her some crackers too...she's gonna need food sometime." Zayn nodded his head and continued walking. Of course, I just wanted to buy time for me and Abby to be alone. I opened up the door to her room, and I tried to hold back my shock. Although she was smiling, her many cuts and stitches looked like they were hurting her. I felt awful inside. I hated seeing her hurt like this. "Harry," her sweet voice sang. I smiled and walked to her side. Her weakened hand reached for my arm, and when her fingers touched my skin, I could feel my heart start to race. "Hey, Abby," I managed. "How are you doing? I know the doctor's say there's nothing seriously damaged..." She slowly nodded her head, as if in pain, but said, "I'm doing alright Harry. How have you been doing?" "Well to be honest, not too scared the crap out of me, Abby. All of us...I'm just so happy I didn't lose my best friend." She gave me a small smile, and I noticed the massive stitches along her neck. And it appeared that every time she moved her neck, she would wince in pain. I grabbed her hand to comfort her, but all she said was, "I'm fine Harry. Don't worry." She just looked at me for a while, but suddenly decided to change the subject. "Harry, I can ask you anything right?" "Yeah of course. Ask me anything." She was smiling and she took a big breath. "Well, Harry, I guess I need some advice...You see, there's this guy that I like..and I think he likes me back...but, Harry should I make the first move or should I wait for him?" I slightly tensed up when she asked her question. Here she was, in the hospital, thinking about some guy who had probably graduated with her. And I have to sit here and watch because we had promised each other that we would remain best friends and best friends only. And I had always told myself that I would never have feelings for Abby, but lately, it's completely obvious that I do. And I couldn't do anything about that. " question.." Abby brought me back to reality. "Oh..right..well, you kind of depends on who it is. Might I ask who this guy is?" She smiled but I caught my breath, waiting for her answer. She looked right at me with her innocent eyes, and replied, "It's Zayn, Harry." I could feel the blood drain from my face, my jaw clenched tightly closed, and my heart pounded impossibly hard. How could she? How could Zayn? If he laid his hands on my girl, then he would have me to deal with. No. She's not my girl. She'll be his in a matter of time. My thoughts were disrupted when the door opened, and I turned around to see Zayn, holding a glass of water and some crackers like I had told him to get. Anger was boiling up inside of me, but I restrained myself. If Abby really wanted him, I would have to let her have him. And I would have to cope with that. I decided to head out of the room, without saying another word. As I reached the open door, I looked back and saw her beautiful smile and her sparkling eyes. She obviously enjoyed Zayn's presence more than mine. As a tear silently slipped down my cheek, I immediately wiped it away and said to myself, "She's not your girl, Harry. And she probably will never be." 
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