Her heart had been broken. Many times. Abby doesn't think it wise to trust anyone too much now. Except for her best friend Harry. He was always there for her and she thought she might've been falling for him. But when Harry's best mate, Zayn, comes along, Abby is torn. Leave it to two boys to take her on a bumpy ride that she definitely didn't ask for, and yet a ride so irresistible.


1. Home for the Summer

I was shaking with excitement. Tonight I was picking up my brother from his long tour. I hadn't seen him in months. Although he had gotten to "celebrity status" after being on the X-factor, he still made time to call you every week to see how you were doing. As I glanced down at my watch, I realized it was just about time to head to the airport. So I jumped in my car and headed out. All along the way, I blasted my brother's album, causing my car to shake. While I was rocking out to "Up all night," I received some weird faces from passing drivers. But I didn't care. My brother was coming home tonight. The quick drive to the airport didn't take too long. Because y brother was, well, in One Direction, of course they had a private hangar. I found which one it was, mainly by the swarm of fans clinging to the fence that separated them from the boys. As I pulled up to the gate in my car, the security man stopped me. "I.D. please?" he asked. I fished through my purse to find the I.D. I had been given to give me access to most of my brothers events. The man took the I.D., seemed to approve it, and let my car through. I jumped out of my car as I neared the plane that the boys were getting off of. Almost immediately, my brother came running out of the plane with a big smile. "Louis!" I yelled, running to Jim with my arms spread wide. "Abby!" he said as he caught me in a hug. "How's my favorite little sister?" I smiled and said, "I'm doing just fine! How are you?" "Exhausted," he replied. I still couldn't believe my brother and his band mates were finally home for the tart of summer. Suddenly, Harry came out of the plane, saying, "Abby...." he gave you a cheeky grin and said, "Hows my best friend?" While he wrapped me in a tight hug, he gently asked, "How are you, babe?" I returned his smile and replied, "Great, now that my brother and my beat friend are home." "What about me Abby?" Niall asked while pretending to pout. "Didn't you miss me?" As Niall wiped away a fake tear, I laughed an gave him a hug. "Nialler, of course I missed you!" he lightened up a bit as I also greeted Zayn and Liam, as the hot off the plane. Louis then said, (more like shouted) "Hey guys, let's go back to my place for tonight. I'm sure my folks got lots to eat—" "YES! FOOD!!" Niall exclaimed. We all laughed at how enthusiastic Niall was and the boys agreed to come to our place. Paul offered to drive us. As we were walking to the truck, Harry slowed down to my pace. "So, Abby, what have I missed in the past three months?" I loved how concerned Harry was about me. He and I actually were best friends. Ever since he and Lou met at the X-factor, Harry and I know each other better than the back of our hands. We understood what the other was going through from time to time because we were both the same age. Being with Harry was different than being with my friends from school. Most girls just wanted to be friends with me because of my brother, but Harry appreciated me for me, probably because he had he same issue. I smiled at him and said, "Oh nothing much...I just graduated from high school this spring, that's all..." Harry's face lit up as he said, "Congratulations, Abby! I'm so proud of you!" I smiled and slightly blushed as we climbed in the car to go to my place.
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