Summer Love's

Harry Styles has to help is buddy Liam out after a terrible break up.. But, Louis isn't sure that was Dani when she called to break up with Liam! Could it be that somebody did this to destory Liam's life forever?


5. TMH Tour :)

*Liam's POV*

 Today was the beginning of our second Take Me Home tour. We were in Long Beach, California for the next week. We had a concert in a little over two hours and I was still worrying about Dani. Ever since our "break-up" she hasn't talked to me. Even though it wasn't her she still has yet to contact me at all.


 "Liam! Dani's here" Harry yelled.


 On second thought, there she is. I walked out of my room to see my beautiful girlfriend standing at the door.


 "Hey babe, I've missed you!" I say.


 "Cut the sweet talk Payne, who told you I said it was over?!" She says


 "Woah, what the heck Dani, all I said was I missed you." I say


"Who told you I sad it was over Liam?!" She yells


"Some girl acting like YOU" I say


"Ohh well, it is over, Bye." She says an walks out


"Liam, I'm so sorry." Harry says.


"It's nothing, just forget it. My life is over." I say


"It is not, you have us bro." He says


"I do not! I don't have anyone!!" I yell


"Yes you do! You have us Liam!" Harry says starting to put his hand on my shoulder.


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