Summer Love's

Harry Styles has to help is buddy Liam out after a terrible break up.. But, Louis isn't sure that was Dani when she called to break up with Liam! Could it be that somebody did this to destory Liam's life forever?


1. The Bad Break-Up

*Harry's POV*

I wake up on a early Monday morning, sun shining bright. It's the best time of the year for us boys! As soon as I wake up I smell chicken, my question is who would go to Nando's at nine in the freaking morning? Oh wait, Niall!!

"Niall!" I yell.

"Yeah!" He yells in return.

I get up and walk to the door.

"Who would by Nando's at nine in the freaking morning?" I say from the top of the stairs.

"Me, duh!!" He replies!

I walk downstairs and hear Louis from behind me yelling...


"Louis shut-up!" I yell behind me.

He stays quiet the rest of the morning. We eat, exchange yells, shower, and spend the rest of our day watching TV and doing video diarys.

"Louis you can talk now, we're all awake!" I say to quiet Louis.

"OKAY!!" He yells.

"Louis that was my ear!!" I yell back. 

"Sorry." He says quieter.

We all laugh while Lou and Liam are shoving chicken down each other's shirts. What goofs. When the phone rings we all stay quiet as Lou answers the phone as Zayn.

"Is this Lou?" The voice asks.

"No, he's right here." He says as he hands Niall the phone.

"Hello?" Niall says in his best Lou voice.

"Lou, it's Dani, is Liam there?" Dani asks.

"Yeah hold on." He says as this time handing Liam the phone.

'"Hey Dani" He says.

"Liam, I'm sorry but we can't be together anymore." Dani says almost crying.

Liam drops the phone and runs upstairs. I pick up the phone and say...

"Hey, it's Harry, he's upstairs sorry."

I could hear her crying as she hung up the phone. I run up the stairs along with Lou. I see Liam's door shut, and I hear crying, punching of the wall, and him screaming into the pillow. I knock and he yells...

"Come on in if it's Harry or Lou!"

We both walk in and hug Liam.

"Thank's guys, I just don't know why she would say that. I mean we've been together for two and a half years." He said crying.

"It's okay man just don't worry about it okay?" Louis said quietly to Liam.

"Okay, thanks for helping me out guys!" He says looking us both in the eyes.

"No problem!" We both say.

We all three get up and walk down stairs to find Niall in the kitchen and Zayn watching TV!

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