Summer Love's

Harry Styles has to help is buddy Liam out after a terrible break up.. But, Louis isn't sure that was Dani when she called to break up with Liam! Could it be that somebody did this to destory Liam's life forever?


3. Dinner With The Boys

*Harry's POV*

It was about six when I got to Lou's flat. He had invited all us boys to dinner with him and El. Zayn brought along Perrie, and Liam came alone along with me and Niall. We were sitting at the table just finishing up dinner when my cell phone goes off.. I slowly get up and motion for Lou and the rest of the boys to get up with me. I answer and say

"Hello?" I say quietly

"Hi, this is Kate Upton... Is this Harry Styles?" The voice says.

Not sure if this is Kate I let Zayn answer..

"Yes.. this is he.... I'm not sure if this is Kate." He replies.

"Good answer Zayn! This is Makayla Johnson the girl who called Liam. Yeah, I just wanted to see who would answer next. See, when I called the other day Harry was the last to answer. That's what I'm planning, I want the last person to answer be Niall! I'm in love with him and I can asure you I'm not stalking Liam or you or Harry! I just want to hear his sweet voice... Sorry for any trouble!" She says in return.

"Well that's nice that you would tell me the truth and to think we thought you were trying to hurt us in any way.. I'm sorry that you need to stalk people for your own pleaseure. Have a crappy day love!"  Zayn says with a staright face as straight as a picture.

We all laugh while Zayn hangs up the phone and hands it back to me. Niall on the other hand is on the phone wih the phone company trying to change his number.. Smart man!

"Zayn, man thanks for that.. I think she's trying to act as all the girls we like or love.. See, she acted as Dani while talking to Liam and acted like Kate talking to me! It just don't seem like something a fan would do! What's next she's gonna act like El or Perrie!" I say to Zayn.

"No problem man but really she's stupid! And please don't say that because that would be just plain out weird!  But I could tell if it was Perrie or Makayla I mean I just heard her voice and I think I would know what my girlfriend's voice sounded like! Unlike other people!" He said to me and then looking at Liam.

"Oh shush I was in shock okay!" Liam said laughing

Not an hour later Zayn's phone rings... The voice says....

"Zayn this is Perrie..." Before she could finish Zayn says.

"Are you kidding me!? I have my girlfriends number in my phone and she's sitting right here beside me! Don't try anything Makayla! And I'm not handing my phone to anyone beacuse this is gonna stop! All you are is a no good fan trying to ruin our life's! Get a life, get a job something and leave me the heck alone!" He yells.

He puts down the phone, hangs it up, and walks out the front door with Perrie following behind.

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