Summer Love's

Harry Styles has to help is buddy Liam out after a terrible break up.. But, Louis isn't sure that was Dani when she called to break up with Liam! Could it be that somebody did this to destory Liam's life forever?


2. Creeper Much?

*Louis' POV*

A couple days after Liam and Dani had broken up I started to wonder.. Dani would have called Liam's cell phone instead of calling our house phone! So, I spent all day yesterday trying to track the number to see if it was Dani's address. Of course when I finally did track that number down it wasn't Dani!! I called Liam as soon as I found out...

"Liam, I tracked that number down to see if it was Dani... I firgued out it wasn't!! It's a girl named Makayla Johnson.. She lives here in London near where Niall's parents live! I called her to ask her if she had talked to you latley.. She said yes and asked why! I told her the whole story and after I finished it was like she didn't wanna talk to me! Liam I'm thinking you got a stalker on your hands!" I spoke

All I heard was silence... then I heard..

"Liam!! You should have told me and I would have made sure that it wasn't some creepy fan trying to break us up!" Yelled Dani...

"Well Dan I'm sorry I don't tell you everything about me! Maybe I didn't want you to know it was some fan.. maybe I wanted to break up with you!!" Yelled Liam in return..

I heard her cry and yell under her breath then she said this which shocked me more than ever!....

"Okay!! That is perfectly fine with me! I don't need you! All I wanted you for was the money and I'm not afraid to say it!" She yelled!

"Sorry Lou now are you kidding me?!?" he said trying to be calm

"I'm being serious Liam.. You have a stalker!" I say almost laughing

"Well always nice to know... This is creepy!" He replies laughing.

"Tell me about it well man I gotta go cya later man.. Wait are you coming over for dinner tonight?" I ask

"Yeah I'll be there at like six-thirty." He says then hangs up.


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