Summer Love's

Harry Styles has to help is buddy Liam out after a terrible break up.. But, Louis isn't sure that was Dani when she called to break up with Liam! Could it be that somebody did this to destory Liam's life forever?


6. Concert Time

  *Louis' Pov*

     "Who's ready for some One Direction?!" Josh yells from his spot at the drums.

      "Whooo!!" Yells the girls and fans in the arena.

     "Welcome to the stage, ladies and maybe some gentleman, One Direction!!" Josh yells.

     "Thank you Josh, okay. Girls? Who wants some shout outs?" Zayn yells.

    "You're welcome bro, I do! I do! I do!." Josh yells

    "Besides you Josh!" Niall yells..

    "Awe, okay." He says

      We start to sing "One Way Or Another." and Niall jumps up an lands on his leg...

      "Niall! Are you okay?!" I yell.

     "No, I think I broke my leg or ankle!" He says.

     I pick him up and try to get him off stage.

   "Sorry guys but we have to go, we'll keep you updated on his condition. Love you!!" Harry yells

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