Nobody Compares.

They just happened to get lost. Lucky me right? In some ways yes. It's a bumpy ride.


2. It Can't Be.

We walked back out into the crisp morning air with my coffee in hand. The steam floated up onto my face. Kennedy and I started walking down the sidewalk. We walked in silence taking in the sounds of the city. Suddenly a car pulled up beside us. They rolled there window down.

"Hello, my names Paul. I am trying to find this hotel. Can you point me in the direction it's at? I am really lost." I went up to his window and looked down at the piece of paper.

"Do you have a GPS or cell phone or something?" I asked.

"Um, yeah, here," he said. I quickly typed the address in and handed him the phone back. That should take you straight there. You're really not far from it," I said with a smile.

"Thank you so much. Your a couple of young girls. Do you like One Direction?" he asked. I looked at Kennedy. 

"We love One Direction," I said. He opened the glove department and grabbed a couple things out.

"Here's tickets and back stage passes. Thanks for helping me out," he said smiling at us. I took the tickets and backstage passes. He rolled his tinted window up and took off. I looked at Kennedy her brown eyes had tears and sparkled.

"Best. Day. Ever," she said.

"I agree," I replied.

"Wait, did he say his name is Paul?" she asked. My eyes got wide as I realized.

"He was One Direction's body guard!" I squealed. I jumped up and down and she did too. I accidentally hit someone. "I am so sorry."

"Watch where your going next time," the guy said. I looked at Kennedy.

"I hate rude people," I said and we linked arms and walked back to her car. We got in her car and she started it. When we got back to my house we ran upstairs.

"What's the date say?" she asked. I looked at the tickets my eyes widen when I noticed where it was at.

"Front row, tomorrow night, Madison Square Garden at 8," I said my voice rising as I kept speaking. We squealed together.

"Can I stay the night tonight?" Ken asked. I smiled at her.

"Duh," I said. She rolled her eyes. 

"Alright, I'll be back I need to get clothes," she said. I waved to her and then watched her back disappear and her car start. 

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