Nobody Compares.

They just happened to get lost. Lucky me right? In some ways yes. It's a bumpy ride.


1. Julianna&Kennedy.

I sat there for what seemed like forever waiting on Kennedy to get here. Finally I heard her knock on the door. I ran to it and flung the door open.

"Finally," I said grabbing her wrist and pulling her into my house. I shut the door and we ran upstairs.

"So what's the big emergency?" she asked. 

"I need help picking out an outfit," I whined. She rolled her eyes.  

"That's the big emergency?" she asked. I nodded my head and she rolled her eyes again going over to my closet. She rummaged through it a little bit and threw some clothes at me. I looked at what she threw at me. It was a pair of ripped jeans with a black sparkly belt and a white tank top with a black Superman varsity jacket. Then she threw a pair of black vans at me.  

"Your the best!" I say. She runs her fingers through her long brown hair.

"I know, now get changed," she said walking out of my room. I threw the clothes on and kept my long blonde hair wavy. I added some mascara to my top and bottom eyelashes not wanting to go to overboard and walked downstairs. Kennedy was sitting on my couch going through Twitter on her IPhone. I leaned down by her ear.

"Ready?" I whispered and she jumped at least 10 feet in the air. I died laughing. She glared at me. 

"That's so not funny Julianna," she whined.

"Yeah, it really was," I said. She rolled her eyes and dragged me outside.

"Let's just go," she mumbled. I climbed into the passenger side of her 100,00 dollar sports car. Her parents are pretty well off. She got in and started it. The engine roared to life and she pulled out of my driveway. We started towards the city. We lived in New York, but just outside of the city. We pulled into a parking garage and got out. She locked her car and we headed into the city. I stepped out of the parking garage and let the cool breeze hit my face. I listened to the many different sounds. I heard birds and then I heard the pitter patter of people rushing to or from work. I heard car horns and children playing. I smiled and we continued walking.

"Here we are," Kennedy said with a smile. We always came into the city for one coffee shop. We walked through the door and heard the 'ding' of the bell above. I smiled and walked up to the counter with Kennedy right beside me.

"Who's turn to pay?" I asked.


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