Now and forever

A girl named Angelica she lives with her stepmom and sister her dad died in a fire when she was young in this story you will learn her life story and how she found the love of her life


20. you dont rememeber me

Harry's P.O.V

ARE THEY GONNA BE OK that's all I heard I started to open my eyes LOOK HARRY IS TRYING TO OPEN HIS EYES COME ON BUDDY YOU CAN DO IT who's that voice I finally open my eyes but the bright light shut my eyes again I open them again and tried to adjust to the light I looked around and saw a lot of worried and sad faces around me. Wwho are you?? I asked

Niall~ Harry you don't remember us

Me~ no sorry

I saw a woman who seemed like she was in her 40 but she looked very young and thin

Me~ who's that

I said pointing at her

Mom~ Harry is me Anne your mom

Me~ oh

then I look to my right and see a girl sleeping she had a huge bump in her head she was very pretty

Me~ who's she

Zayn~ that's um......................

Angies Mom~ Angelica

Me~ ok

The girls mother had walked in the room I saw her take out one of the guys they looked like they were fighting outside my room what about I don't know. IM TAKING HER HOME is all I heard then I saw that the girl started to open her eyes I saw that the doctor had came in he checked her out and said she was ready to leave then the mom took her daughter and they both left.

Angelica's P.O.V

I saw a blond woman come in and took me with her she said she was my mother I don't remember but she must be telling the truth. I walked out with her and she drove me to an airport she said we were heading back home.

its been months Since I lost my memory I remember a lot now but no everything I know my family and some friends that's good enough I guess.

Harry's P.O.V

Its been a month since I lost my memory I started to remember a lot but not exactly everything I remember my friends and my family now I'm going on tour with my band still trying to get my memory back but I'm glad I have help bye the people I love so much there's just something missing but I still cant remember what it is I need to know.

Guys P.O.V

Niall: well is pretty obvious that harry is getting his memory back he remembers everyone just not the person he loves the most his girlfriend we haven't heard from her no one know anything I wonder if she remembers.

Louis: I hate how my best mate has to go through this not remembering but were helping him go through this at least he remembers us and his family he is always saying that he feels like something is missing I know he means Angelica he just doesn't know or remember it yet.  

Liam: this have been a tough month with trying to get Harrys memory back and doing tour I don't know how we made it but we did I'm just glad I have my buddy back if only Angelica was here.

Zayn: is never a  good thing to forget the ones you love.

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