Now and forever

A girl named Angelica she lives with her stepmom and sister her dad died in a fire when she was young in this story you will learn her life story and how she found the love of her life


18. why ????

Harry's P.O.V

me~Angelica .....

Me~is that really you (tears streamed down my face)

Angelica~ Yes its me

Me~ ww-what are you doing here

Angelica~ I came back for you

Me~ why

Angelica~ because I love you

Me~ no you don't if you loved me you should have not waited a year to come back or move on to another boyfriend yeah I saw the picture and don't lie to me about it.

Angelica~ I'm not going to yes I did move on but I had a reason to

Me~ and what was the reason to hurt me or to get back at me or something

Angelica~ do you really think I'm that type of person to get back at you no I did it because I was scared

Me~ scared of what

Angelica~ scared that I would get hurt if I went back so I decided to move on but I still couldn't forget you I cant get you out of my mind that's why I broke up with my boyfriend and came here.

Me~ after all you done

Angelica~ harry I know I made a mistake but so did you. your the reason I left this place in the first place I knew I shouldn't have come back.

those words echoed in my head she's right it wasn't her fault it was mine I looked at her and she stood up ready to leave forever this time I needed to do something I have waited for her to back and now that she's here I cant let her leave me again broken hearted. 

Me~ Angelica wait

Angelica~ what there's nothing I need to do here anymore

my heart sank now those words cut me like knives.

Me~ please stay

she looked at me and forced a smile I knew she was hurt.

Angelica~ why

Me~ why what

Angelica~ why you cut

Me~ because I had enough I got hate almost everyday I was way to stressed out and well you and I you left me I couldn't handle it so I tried to kill myself I thought the world would be happy without me.

Angelica~ that's not true and you know it your not alone anymore you have me and the boys if you need someone to cry on and tell your feeling anything will be here for you were your family.

Me~ thank you

Angelica~ no problem

Me~ I love you

Angelica~ I love you to


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