Now and forever

A girl named Angelica she lives with her stepmom and sister her dad died in a fire when she was young in this story you will learn her life story and how she found the love of her life


12. Tour

Angelica's P.O.V

Ok so it's been a week since my accident and the doctor said I can finally leave so that means I'm going on tour with the guys for the next few months which is great cuz that means I get to see harry again and I won't have to miss him. I sign out of the hospital and walked to he car with harry we got to the aparment and paparazzi was there flash goin of every second hey why were you in the hospital one asked is it true you and harry aren't together or are fighting another one said harry whispered in my ear and said ignore them just keep walking so I did what I was told I ignored the paparazzi and keep walking we reached the front door and I let out a sigh of relief I was glad we weren't outside anymore to much drama going on and chaos. We went up to a aparment and laid in the bed what a rough week I had I needed some sleep I dont get much at the hospital i closed my eyes and dozed of.

~babe wake up come on wake up we have to go harry said

i woke up and put the covers up to my face and fell back asleep.

~so you want to play it that way ok fine harry said and left the room.

                                        2 minutes later

i hear the door open i bet is harry i just keep sleeeping then i felt cold water on my face my eye flew open and i got out of the bed in a second.

~WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR? i yelled at harry he just started to laugh then he feel to the floor still laughing then he got up and said

~well you wouldent wake up so i decided to throw a bucket of cold water at your face you should have seen your face it was priceless.

i rolled my eyes and said

~why did you have to wake me up this early it is 6:00 in the morning.

~oh well we have to go the airport were going to florida remember and our flight leaves in 3 hours and it takes a hour to get there. he said.

~oh yeah i almost forgot about that well im going to go shower and change and ill meet you down stairs in aabout 20 minutes or so i said.

~ ok love dont take that long we need to pick up the guys to he said.

~but they are just next door why do i have to hurry up. i said

~well is gonna be hard waking them up so i need your help.he said

~ok ill try to hurry things up.

i picked out the clothes i was gonna wear and went to the bathroom and showered 20 minutes later i was done showering and i was all dressed i just needed to dry my hair and i was done. When i was done drying my hair i went down stairs to meet with harry when he saw me he stood up and we went to the guys room to wake them up when we went inside we saw them sleeping they look so cute and peaceful i hate that haha im so mean but oh well so i went into the bathroom and got out a bucket and filled it with cold water and then i got my make up kit so only liam zayn and niall get the water but louis is special so hes gonna get the makeup im gonna make him look pretty.

i got close to louis bed and put some makeup on him god this was funny i took a pic and put it on twitter @Angelica_Garcia21427:haha @Louis_Tomlinson that looks good on you haha sorry buddy i love you thoo just remember that ;). i twetted and then we moved on to the rest and threw the bucket full of water at all of them they woke up so fast and feel of the bed me and harry started to laugh at them i guesss we were laughing so hard that we woke up louis cuz i saw him staring at us which make us laugh harder.

~was so funny guys louis said

~oh nothing hey louis have your checked your twitter? i said

~no not yet why what did you do?

he grabed his phone and went on twitter he saw the picture and he dropped his phone and ran to the bathroom then we heard a loud scream we all started to laugh louis came back his face was red yup hes mad i went out the door and i saw louis was chasing after me i keep running but faster but of course he caught me and we both feel and started laughing he got up and helped me up then said


~should i be scared i said


at that moment i did feel a bit scared but then just laughed a little well this is gonna be a fun 3 months i guess.

Harry's P.O.V

~Well this was a fun morning ha boys i said

~ i guess except for the part you threw water at us and put makeup on louis Niall said.

~yeah good time well guys go get dressed were leaving for the airport in 1 hour so go go go i said.

they looked at me shocked then ran across there room trying to get everything ready god these boys are just wired but there my friend so i deal with it.

i went down stair and saw Angelica watching tv she was watching spongebob god she was such a kid just like me so i cant complain i sat next to her and we keep watching the show i put my arm around her shoulder and she put her head down in my shoulder.

 10 minutes later

I hear footsteps so i guess the boys were ready i got up and saw each boy with there all ready i opened the door and we all left we saw pauls car we went inside and drove to the airport i saw louis dancing to the music from the radio got this is gonna be a long ride.

We finally made it to the airport we got off the car and into our plane we made it just in time to only 2 minutes to spear. our journey had just begun.

3 months later

is been three months and Angelica has to go back home and we have to continue with our tour god i was gonna miss her alot i love her but it was time to say goodbye again is gonna be long until we see each other again but we had alot of fun i saw her paking her bags i was trying so hard not to cry had the best time but not is the worst time but we have to say goodbye. when i saw her get into that plane i broke down in tears because i know i wasent gonna be able to see her for 7 more months the boys came and hugged me to try to calm me down but it wasent gonna help i wanted my baby but that wasent gonna happen i got up and we went to the car and headed back to our hotel i keep thinking about Angelica she was in my heard all day and night.

1 year later

It was finally time for me to be heading home finally i get to see my baby and i have a surprise for her this is gonna shock everyone but its gonna make them happy i cant wait to do it to finally get in one knee and tell her...........

**Authors note**

What is harrys surpise What will the others think about this ?  Is harry doing the right thing ? Should he just folllow his heart and do what he thinks is right?

next chapter will be updated later or in a few days ive been busy lately but il ltry to update.

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