Now and forever

A girl named Angelica she lives with her stepmom and sister her dad died in a fire when she was young in this story you will learn her life story and how she found the love of her life


9. The mistake

Angelica's P.O.V

It's been 3 months since harry left for tour I miss him like crazy we been texting and skyping each other everyday.

                                                              One month later

Harry hasent been texting me or skyping me lately I felt my phone vibrate and it was a call from Louis I answered:

                                                                 begining of call

Me- Hello

Louis-Hey Angelica

Me-oh hey louis hows tour?

Louis- is going great look the reason why i called is that Harry has been really depressed latley he never goes out with us he just sits in his room and crys or watched sad movies were really worried for him.

Me-I wish i can do something he hasent been calling me or skyping me lately i need to see him but i can't theres no way i could.

Louis- actually there is i talked to managment and paul and ask if u and jessica could come on tour with us for 3 months so pack your bags ill send you the detail for your plane ticket a car will come pick you up at exacly 8:00 pm be ready by then your going to california.oh and remeber this is all a surpirse so dont tell harry.

                                                                            End of call

I screamed and jumped up and down i said thank you to louis i dont know any way i could repay him i ran to my room and started to pack i told jessica and she screamed to we started to pack we finished at exacly 7 we had an hour left so we just decided to watch t.v . I heard a knock on the door and i opened it it was the driver here to pick us up we got our bags and left our house i cant believe i was gonna see my boyfriend we been away for 4 months once we got into airport and got on our plane then the plane started to fly.


Harry's P.O.V

I was sitting in my hotel room really depress i heard a knock on my door "Come in is opened" i said i saw louis walke and said "Hey mate i was wondering if you want to go outnto the pub and have some fun " i thought about it i did need to get out for a while and have fun so i agreed and told him to give me 5 minutes to get changed and then we can leave he nodded and left the room. I got dressed and went down to the lobby to meet up with the guys they saw me and we started to leave. once we got to the pub i went to the bar and started to drink 2 shots i keep asking for more and more i was really drunk i saw this girl and started to dance with her the guys came and told me that we should go back to the hotel room but i told them to leave and ill be there like in 2 hours the guys left and i keep dancing with the blond girl i felt myself kiss her i was to drunk so i didnt know what i was doing then i asked her if she wanted to go to my hotel room and she agreed we went to my hotel i opened the door and then i got naked the drink naked not actually naked but then i did get naked so did the girl we enjoy the drink it was good haha (see what i did there) i stareted to take my clothes of and so did she then she got on the bed and i shut the lights you know what comes after that i didnt know what i was doing.


Angelica's P.O.V

The plane had landed me and jessica got of the plane and went to get our bags we looked around trying to find paul we did and ran to him we hugged him paul was our friend he was a very nice man then and he got our bags and headed to the car i opened the door and saw louis sitting in the front i hugged him and jessica did the same but she kissed him of course cuz that was her boyfriend. once we got to the hotel louis gave me a key to harrys room and told me the number and what floor he was in and i ran to the elevator and hit the number of his floor i ran to his room and knocked on the door no answer so i opened it with the key.When i walked in all the lights were off i walked to his room and turned on the lights and i was shocked and screamed HARRY FUCKING STYLES HOW COULD YOU? harry woke up scared he lookd at me then the girl that was next to him then back at me i had tears in my eyes harry stood up fast and tried to get close to me i backed away  i ran out of the room and bumped into louis and jessica they saw that i was crying and asked what was the matter i pointed at harry and ran to the lobby i went ouside i heard yelling i just keep runnig i didnt know were i was going but i didnt care i wanted to get as far away from harry as possible i keep running and i ran across the street then i saw lights and everything went dark.

Louis P.O.V

I looked at harry and asked what happen he told me Angelica had found him with a girl in his bed i was angry i started to yell at him HARRY YOU FUCKING IDIOT HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO YOUR GIRLFRIEND SHE LOVES YOU SHE LEFT SCHOOL AND WORK JUST TO BE WITH YOU AND YOU RUINED IT SHE WAITED FOR YOU FOR 4 FUCKING MONTHS. Then after all that yelling i ran down to the lobby to find angelica i saw her and yelled her name but she didnt turn back she keep running i saw that she ran across the street i also saw a spedding car coming her wayi yelled her name once again but it was too late the car had hit her i ran to were she was and called 911 and they came as soon as possible they took her and i told them i was gonna meet them there i ran upstairs and sas jessica yelling at harry more i ran to them and told them what happen harry said he wanted to come and see her but i stoped him and said it was best if he stayed after all he was the reason all this had happened he started to cry i grabed jessicas hand and we ran out the door we called a cab and they took us to the hospital i cant belive this all happend that poor girl.

Harry's P.O.V

I cant believe this all happened i also cant believe i broke the promis i made to myself that i wasent gonna hurt her and look what happen i had sex with another girl and she got hit by a car this was all my fault the girl woke up and started to kiss my neck i turned around and started to yell at her i told her to get  out she was scared and grabed all her clothes and ran out of the room i felt bad for yelling at that poor girl but i was just mad at my self for what i did i have a massive headeche right now but thats the least of my worries. Will she forgive me for what i did what will happen to our relationship?

*Authour's Note*

Hey guys so i just wanted to tell you sorryy for thhe mild language that i used in this chapter but i felt like it needed some lol but yeah alot more chapters will have those type of languages so this is a warning i enjoy writing this story for you guys i hope you enjoy reading it i wonder what will happen to harry and Angelica are they gonna stay together? your gonna have to wait till the next chapter so bye guys




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