Now and forever

A girl named Angelica she lives with her stepmom and sister her dad died in a fire when she was young in this story you will learn her life story and how she found the love of her life


5. The kiss

Harry's P.O.V

We walked around the phone store trying to find the perfect phone for her i followed her she stopped and look at a phone i saw it it was an i phone 5 she looked at the price and walked away a bit sad i guess she thought it was to much money she didn't want to take advantage of me but hey i'm Harry Styles i can buy anything i'm kinda rich. Then i saw she stopped in front of a crappy phone and said i want this one i looked at her to make sure and she nodded i walked to the cash register and told her to wait outside once she walked out i told the nice lady if she can get me one of those i phone 5. The woman smiled and said sure why not young man she came back and scanned the phone i paid for it and went outside.I handed the bag to Angelica and told her to turn on her phone so she can put her contacts in and other stuff. She opened theb bag and her eyes widen and there was a sparkle in her eye she took oput the phone and said harry i can't take this it might have been to expencive why didn't you get the other phone? No is not a big deal and i saw you look at this phone but you looked disappointed once you saw the price of it. she smiled and gave me a kiss on the cheek and gave me a hug i had a feeling in my stomach that i never felt before my heart was beating fast and i felt my cheeks getting warm whats this i'm feeling is it really love because it feels amazing.

Angelica's P.O.V

 I cannot believe i just kissed harry styles in the cheek i could see he was blushing i was also blushing my stomach felt like there were thousands of butterflies attacking it. I looked at him adn smiled he smiled back and asked I was thinking if oyu want to go grab a cut of coffee? he asked sure of course i would love to but then i remebered i couldn't leave Jessica alone here i turn around and saw her talking to louis they were really getting along i walked up to then and told her Hey do you ming if me and harry go out for coffee? Of course not you two go ahead louis will bring me back to the hotel don't worry about it she said. I smiled and said thanks i owe you one. No problem now go again i smiled and ran to harry and we left. We walked all around the mall until we found a nearby Starbucks we went we walked to the cashe register and i ordered a peppermint mocha and harry ordered the same we got our drinks and walked to a table and started to talk.He was a very funy and sweet guy not like they make him out to be in the magazines he wasen't a womanizer he's a regular 18 year old just like me. I can stay like this for ages but sadly it was time for me to go it was good we got to know each other i know alot more secrets that i never thought i would know.He asked me if he can take me home and i agreed.

Louis P.O.V

So Harry and Angelica left me and Jessica alone she's a verry pretty girl so i decided to start a conversation with her we talked and talked i drove her home once we got there she asked if i wanted to come in so i did we keep talking dang i could talk to this girl for ages she made us both a cup of tea. I was wondering what keep Harry and Angelica taking so long. I enjoy the day i had with jessica she's very nice girl i stood up to use the bathroom but i felt myselft stumble into the tale and fell to the ground i felt something fall inside my eye. Jessica stood up form her seat and ran to my side she tried to pick me up but i couldn't my arm failed i looked up at her with one eye i could see she was very concered specialy since there was blood on the flood i had scraped my elbow i told her i was fine i just had something in my eye and i needed to clean up the blood and put a bandage she helped me up to my chair and started to blow at my eye trying to get the thing out i jsut stared in amazement no one ever cared this much about me i think i was falling in love with her. I leaned in and kissed her she was surprised but then after a few seconds she kissed back the kiss was normal at first but then it turned more and more passionate i never kissed a girl like this before she was diffrent there was no way i can describe how i feel she broke off the kiss and i looked at her she was blushing i can feell myself blushing to then i snap back to reality and started to apologies i'm sorry i know we just met and this is to soon and yuo might think i- she cut me off with another kiss i broke it off and she said i don't care if just met but i already love you.Well then i said can i ask you a question?sure she said. Would you be my girlfriend? i know is to soon but i really like you. YES YES YES i do she said she ran up to me and hugged me.

Harry's P.O.V

Well we were at the hotel and we got into the levator once we got to her floor we stopped by her door and she thanked me for inviting her for coffee and i thanked her for coming and she smiled.Oh god that smile i couldn't take it anymore i needed to kiss her so i grabbed her by the waist and pulled her close and kissed her she was very shocked at first but within a few seconds she kissed back it was like fireworks between us two i never felt this way about another girl and the kiss was very passionate the way our lips moved together is like we were ment to be together. We were in the middle of the kiss when i heard the door open there i saw Louis and Jessica standing there smirking at us i started to blush.Louis keep making kissy faces at me and said ohh Harr you were trying to swallow that girl up i can see that u enjoy it very well ha . Oh stop louis is not like you never done it before he blushed and turned around and closed the door. I turned back to Angelica she was blushing we're were we i said and kissed her again. We keep kissing until we couldn't breath. Oh i'm sorry i can't believe i jsut did that i just met you and you might think i'm taking advantage of you i didn't mean to i said. no it's ok i enjoy the kiss you can't take advantage of me if i enjoyed the kiss she said.Well in that case will you be my grilfriend i know this is to sudden but i want you to be mine i mean god that sounded better in my head but- Yes i want to be oyur girlfriend and no it sounded perfectly fine she chuckled oh thanks god that's good i said.

Louis P.O.V

I heard noises coming from the other side of the door so i and Jessica opened the door and say Harry and Angelica were making-out ohh this out to be good. I stood there until they notice me and started to blush ohh Harry are you trying to swallow that girl i can see you enjoy it a lot i said.Louis don't act like you never done it before i blushed thinking about the kiss i just had with Jessica i decided to leave those two love birds alone for a while well this was a great night for both of us.

*Author's note*

I finally made it to my fith chapter well i love this chapter the most it took me a long time to write i hope you guys like it im so glad a couple people have been enjoying the book it makes me happy thanks for the support guys i will keep updating every day bye love you.







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