Now and forever

A girl named Angelica she lives with her stepmom and sister her dad died in a fire when she was young in this story you will learn her life story and how she found the love of her life


7. The date

Harry's P.o.v

Is been almost a week since I've seen Angelica I need to call her so we can make plans for our first week anniversary I think we should do a double date me and Angelica and Louis and Jessica. I walked up the stairs got my phone and doled Angelica's number *ring ring ring * on the third ring
she answered Hello she said Hey
Hey babe how are you? I said
Harry is that you I'm great how are you I haven't heard from you since the day you ask me out she said.
Yeah I'm sorry baby is that I had interviews and I had to go to the studio I've been having a busy week but her is almost our one week anniversary and I want you me Louis and Jessica to go on a double day how does that sound?
It sounds perfect were are we goings to go? She asked
Well I was thinking we could go to a lovely restaurant and then we will take you to the London eye.
That's great is a date ill see you on Friday then what time are you picking us up? She asked
Well me and Louis will pick you lady's up at 8 and great it's a date this is gonna be fun can't wait to see you again.
I can't wait either I love you bye�� she said
Love you to bye babe

Angelica's P.o.v

Wow I can't believe is almost been a week it felt like a day I guess I have to tell Jessica to not make any plans on Friday cuz we have a date with our lovely boyfriends.i need to find something to wear I know since we been in London for a couple of days now I guess we should go shopping shop till we drop.i walked in to the living room and found Jessica sleeping on the couch great I really wanted to go shopping so I'm going have to wake her up but how? I looked around the room to see if I can find a way to wake her up I didn't find anything so I'm going to have to do it my way I ran to bathroom and took out a bucket I filled it with cold water and brought the bucket to the living room then SPLASH the cold water hit her body she got up as fast as she could she didn't look that happy to me but oh we'll at least she's awake.
I'm sorry I was trying to wake you up so we can go shopping I said
Then why didn't you just hit me with a pillow instead of throwing cold water at me she said a bit calm.
Cuz I wanted to make it fun but forget that we need to go shopping for a dress the boys invited us on a date for our first week anniversary and we need to look good now go take a shower or change those clothes and lets go I said
Ok ok just give me 5 minutes and ill be ready to go she said
I nodded my head and sat on the couch five minutes later Jessica came out
Ok let's go she said
I grabbed my purse and we left I called a taxi and they came really fast we got inside and headed to the mall. Once we got there we ran to this dress store were the sold the most beautiful dresses I ever seen.
I found this strapless light blue dress that had dimonds around the waist it was short it went up to my knees it was so beautiful Jessica found a pink also strapless v neck dress that was kinda puffy at the bottom and it was short and the top it had dimonds that went around it got her right it was gorgeous. These dresses looked like they were made for us they were beautiful we went to the cash register and bought the dresses then we went to a show store and got some nice heels I got blue to Match my dress and Jessica got pink to match hers we called a cab and we were heading home.

Finally is Friday

Finally it was Friday the guys were getting ready and so were the girl the clock finally stoke 8 o clock and the guys jumped in there cars and headed to the girls house to pick them up they knocked on there door and the girls opened it the guys eyes widen when they saw the girls they look absolutely beautiful the both walked up to them and kissed then in the cheek then they hold hands and walked to the car. Once they were at the restaurant it was empty the guys had reserved the whole restaurant just for them 4 the guys gave there girls a rose and sat down and ate they laughed and talked and flirted all night once they were done with dinner they walked out of the restaurant got back in there cars and headed to he London eye each couple had there own cart. When the cart stopped the girls look outside and saw fireworks the stood there for a while each guy grabbed there hand and kissed them passionately it had been the best night of there life.

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