Now and forever

A girl named Angelica she lives with her stepmom and sister her dad died in a fire when she was young in this story you will learn her life story and how she found the love of her life


11. please forgive me i need you

Angelica's P.O.V

All I see is darkness I want to see the light but I keep falling down all I see is pure darkness why can't I get out of this place I need to get out of this place it's like hell in here I feel a hand on top of mine I wonder who it is if its Harry then I don't want to see him he broke my heart but at the same time my heart tells me I want him ugh I hate these mix emotions it's just playing with my head.
Babe you need to wake up please I'm sorry all this happen to you is my fault I love you I swear that girl was nothing to me but wake up please please I need to see your pretty eyes said Harry.
I felt like I needed to hug him and kiss him got that kid makes me fall fast for him got I can't stay mad at him I know it was a mistake when I ever wake up if I ever wake up from this place I swear I want to hear to whole story but for now I can't . I felt s piece of strength in my body was I finally waking up. I needed to do something to tell Harry I was awake up how I squeezed his hand I felt him let go fast yup I guess he got the sign lol but I heard him he'll across the hall I also heard footsteps then I heard the doctor come in he started to check me to see. If I was ok then he said the I would be waking up from come in a few hours finally I get to leave this dark place that. I hate I finally get to see my friends and live life.

2 hours later

I felt my eyes fluter open the. I started to look around I saw a lot of worried faces then they all turned to me they all jumped out of there seats and started to hug me I felt like I was losing sir but it was worth it i missed there hugges then I saw a guy sitting in a chair with his hair down everyone saw me looking at him then broke away from the hug and left the room the guy looked up and I saw those green eyes and curly hair it was Harry he came close to my bed and kneeled down I was about to say something but he sneaked first and said:

Babe look I know I might be the last person on earth you want to see right now but I had to come and see you I missed you and I know I have a lot of explaining to do so here it is I was drunk and I saw this girl every time I saw her I saw you what I did was a mistake I was drunk I never meant to hurt anyone especially you you know how much I love you but when I saw you run away my heart sunk I thought I had lost you forever and when I heard you were in the hospital cuz u had got hit by a car I felt like dieying like it was all my fault and i know you might not want to forgive me or even see me right now and I u ne'er stand I should be in your please instead of you I should be in that hospital bed in the coma not you I'm so sorry for what I did and if you kick me out right now ill know it is over forever but remember ill love you now and forever.

Look Harry I should be mad at you right now and I am I love you and I still do and when I saw you in that bed with that girl I felt like a million knives had stab me In The heart but I learned a lesson to never run away from your problems this would have never happen to me if I haven't run away like a baby if only I had stayed and listen to you explain like you did a minute ago I wouldn't be. Here if I only had listen to Louis and stayed with him instead of running is all my fault not yours or anybody's just mine and Harry I forgive you I think I should give our relationship another chance because we can work it out we can't live without each other I know that if this ever happen to u I would have killed myself even if we were fighting or not that's how much I love you and I know you would do the same I loved you Harry now and forever.

Harry's P.O.V

I can't believe she forgave me I don't server it but I am so glad she did she's the most caring girlfriend ever and I love her if I ever lost her I will die my world wouldn't be the same without her I will ignore everyone around me I need her in my life without her I'm nothing I will just remember those moments we had all the good time and bad I will shut down my world ill be with her ill love her now and forever and nothing could ever break us apart out love is stronger than anything in the world anything someday I will make her my wife and have kids I know they someday will come very soon I promise nothing will ruin this relationship nothing.
( listen to the song moments it describes everything Harry feels if he ever lost Angelica)

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