Now and forever

A girl named Angelica she lives with her stepmom and sister her dad died in a fire when she was young in this story you will learn her life story and how she found the love of her life


2. New life begins now

Angelica's P.O. V
Flight 245 to London now boarding well that's my flight. I guess this is it I'm finally leaving I get my suite case and me and Jessica are heading to our plane we stop and take a deep breath well goodbye L.A I'm really gonna miss you. Me and Jessica find our seats and I put on my headphone and start listening to little things by one direction oh didn't I mention I'm a huge fan of them and so Is Jessica. My eyes started to close and i feel to sleep.
Jessica's P.O.V
Well I guess we did it we are on our way to London I can't wait I'm so excited for this trip. "Come one mate just one bite please" wait I know that Irish accent from anywhere it can't be Niall horan no I'm dreaming I turn around and I was right it was Niall,Louis,Harry,Liam,and Zayn from one direction I sat back down quickly and woken up Jessica she's will never believe this.
Harry P.O.V
"Come on mate just one bite please" Niall asked. NO Niall u already ate your sandwich why do u want mine ask Liam for his this ones mine sorry. Liam doesn't want to give me his neither would zayn or Louis Niall said. Ugh this is gonna be a long ride. I decided to listen to music but I had forgotten my headphone oh great just my luck I guess I'll ask the people in front of us to see if they have a spare they can lend to me for the ride.
Angelica's P.O.V
I woke up to the sound of Jessica's voice come one Angelica wake up please Jessica said what do u want I'm trying to sleep here I said guess who is sitting right behind us said Jessica who? I said trying to still wake up one direction she said once I hear that name I was fully awake OMG REALLY? Yes would I ever lie to u she said well no I said then I felt a slight tap on my shoulder I turn around and I saw does green emerald eyes and that pink peach color lips and that curly hair it couldn't be it was the one and only Harry Styles.
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