Now and forever

A girl named Angelica she lives with her stepmom and sister her dad died in a fire when she was young in this story you will learn her life story and how she found the love of her life


3. Is this a dream

Harry P.O.V I tapped on the girls shoulder she turned around and I saw her big brown eyes dark black hair she was beautiful. Um do u need anything she asked I went back to reality oh sorry yeah I was wondering if u have an extra pair of headphone on you. She smiles and said yes of course let me get them for you she grabbed her bag and took a pair of headphones out here you go she said thank you very much I said back. I sat back down and Louis said harry are you ok mate you look like a 12 year old boy just opening his Christmas present what did u see mate. I turned around and told him I just saw the most beautiful girl ever she had brown eyes and black shiny hair her smile can light up anybody's day Louis look at me with a smirk Harry found a pretty lady is little harry in love? He said in a baby voice. What no I nearly know her to fall in love with her is more like a crush I said back at him. Angelica's P.O.V Oh yeah I was wondering if u have an extra pair of headphones on you harry said I smiled and said yes of course let me get them out of my bag I grabbed the headphones and handed it to him he smiled and sat back down Jessica was just sitting there in shock. Jessica are you ok you look like you have just seen a ghost I said hello earth to Jessica finally she snapped back to reality. I can't believe you just talked to Harry fricken styles without even fan girling how did u do it she asked well I know how they hate when girls fan girl in front of them so I tried to keep calm but in the inside I was totally fangirling. Wow your good if I was in your place I would have fainted or something I wouldn't have the nerve to even speak to him. Jessica's P.O.V I can't believe Angelica didn't fan girl in front of harry I would of. All right everyone put your seat belts on we are about to land thank you for choosing air. London have a great day. Well I guess were here I can't believe this the plane has landed I got up and graves Angelica's arm and ran out the plane we went to get out luggage and it a taxi and rented a hotel for the night until we find a apartment to live in.

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