Now and forever

A girl named Angelica she lives with her stepmom and sister her dad died in a fire when she was young in this story you will learn her life story and how she found the love of her life


10. Hospital will she make it

Louis P.O.V

I got to the hospital and ran to the front desk and said Angelica Garcia the lady looked up and typed something in her computer and said Oh yes angelica Garcia shes is getting operated you can wait for her in that seat over there in the corner ill come back and update you in half an hour.I thanked her and me and Jessica went and sat on the waiting room. We waited and waited finally the lady had come back she said she had good and bad new for us so we wanted to hear the bad first she said that Angelica was in a coma for who knows how long and the good news was that we can go in and see her she also said that she coulden't see, move or talk but she could hear us.Me and Jessica follow the lady to Angelicas room then she left we went inside and took a seat Jessica started to cry i hugged her and told her everything was going to be okay i looked over her sholders and looked at Angelica she had a broken knee a few scratches in her legs and arms and face and she was wearing a neck brance she looked terrible i felt so bad for her i was very mad at Harry i started to tear up i hugged Jessica tighter i deicded to call liam and tell him everything he said he wnted to come and see her i told him the name of the hospital and room number he hung up and i put my phone down.

                                                                ~10 Minutes later~

I hear loud footsteps in the hall the i saw 3 familiar faces it was liam,zayn,and niall. Liam Walked up to me and said sorry they wanted to come along i said it was ok and all the guys sat down there was an akward silence then niall speak Hey were is Harry? the rest of the guyys nodded there heads and looked at me i sigh and started to talk i told them what had happen that Angelica found Harry in bed with another girl and that she ran away and then when she ran across the street and got hit by a car. When i was done talking i looked up at all the guys they looked mad and dissapointed Liam stood up said im going to give harry a piece of my mind i grabed his hand and told him not to harry was allready mad at himself and knew what he did was a mistake i felt bad for him he had gone throught alot these past few days.Liam sat down and put his phone back in his pocket and we all stared at Angelica we stayed there for about 6 hours then the guys started to leave and said they be back tomorrow the onlyyy people left were me and Jessica. Jessica had allready fallen alseep i felt my eyes felling heavy then i fell asleep too.

~2 Days Later~

Angelica still hasent woken up yets it's been 2 days.

Angleica baby i still love you please wake up please i need to hear your voice i need to see your smile i want to feel your touch i know you might still be mad at me but just to see you still brathing and awake is all i need and don't worry ill gain you're love back then things will go back to were it was i promis you baby that girl didnt mean anything to me i swear i heard a voice it was Harrys voice i woke up and saw harry sitting next to Angelica's bed holding her hand i felt bad for him i know that she means alot to him and what he did was a mistake but there is no way he can fix this. I just sat there and looked at him then he looked up and me his eyes were blood shot red it looked like he hadent slept for days his hair was a mess and he had a towel wraped around his fist there was blood on the towel to it was silent for a moment until he said hey mate i know that i shouldn't be here but i needed to see her i need her and please dont make me leave cuz i wont i love her and i dont ever want to leave her site i looked at him and said Harry look i know you messed up and all but i have no right to kick you out i know you love her but it dosent mean that im not mad at you for what you did i still am. His face turned into a frown and looked at me i'm sorry louis i was drunk and it all just happen you know but it didnt mean anything to me i swear louis i feel bad enough please dont make me feel worst i am losing the love of my life i dont want to lose my best pal either my brother. Youll never lose me Harry there somedays that we will be mad at each other but we will never ever  be apart i said I saw his facelit up and he came and and hugged me  i hugged him back.Aww loook at the bromance i heard Jessica say we released from the hug and looked at her we tried to put a serious face but we failed and started to laugh then the laughing started to die town a little.

Harry's P.O.V

When i saw her laying there on that bed i broke down in tears i cant belive i had cause that to her i felt so bad i started to talk to her even thoo i knew she cant respond i know she could hear me i said Angelica baby i still love you please wake up please i need to hear your voice i need to see your smile i want to feel your touch i know you might still be mad at me but just to see you beathing and awake is all that i need and dont worry i will gain your love back then things will go back to were it was i promis you baby that girl didnt mean anything to me i swear i felt eyes on me so i turned around and saw louis staring at me i told him i knew that he didnt want me there and that i felt bad for what happen and then he told me he was and then he told me that he was mad but after a few minutes he forgave me we hugged and heard Jessica say aww bromance we turned around and started to laugh.It started to die down a little then we all stayed silent for a while then i asked louis if he knew when Angelica will be waking up he didnt know i sigh and nodded my head i hope she wakes up soon i need her and i know she needs me im afraid that if she wakes up she wont want nothing to do with me and i dont want that to happen i cant lose the love of my life i almost lost my best mate i cant lose her.



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