Now and forever

A girl named Angelica she lives with her stepmom and sister her dad died in a fire when she was young in this story you will learn her life story and how she found the love of her life


8. Goodbye for now

Angelica's P.O.V

So the boys left us in our aparment and then left i ad an amazing time with them there so sweet and harry is just the best boyfriend ever hes so sweet and caring and theres nothing else i can ask for in a guy hes just to sweet i guess all the magazings were right he does spoils his girlfriend and his a big romantic guy to.i cant beliee me and jessica found guys like these.

                                                             TWO MONTHS LATER

Harry's P.O.V

It's been an amazing month with Anglica but i have to give her bad new i have to go on tour for a year and will miss her alot and there is no way i can tell her that im leaving it will break her heart as much as is breaking mine but i also cant leave without saying goodbye to her.I guess i have to be brave and tell her but how should i call her or text her you know what i rather tell her in person im going to call her to set up a date and then tell her.I hate management for not letting me bring her on tour with us it sucks but there is nothing i can do.I wonder how shes gonna take it i hope she wont break up with me cuz i don't want that to happen it's gonna be hard keeping a relationship together without seeing each other for a year but will make it work.i grabed my phone and diled her number she answered in the third ring.

                                                                        BEGINING OF CALL

Angelica-Hello harry

Me- Hey babe i have to tell you something very important so i was wondering if i tell u tonight ill take you to dinner and then tell you the news.

Angelica- ok baby um pick me up at eight ill be ready by then so ill see you tonight

Me-ok see you tonight bye babe

Angelica- bye love you

                                                                END OF CALL

I ended the call and checked the clock it was still 2 so i have 8 hours till then.


Angelica's P.O.V

So i got a call from harry telling me he had to tell me something really important i wonder what it is im really worried he sounded serious i hope he dosent break up with me or anything bad. I have 8 hours to get ready so i dont know what to do i think im just gonna lay down and watch a movie so the time will go by fast.i went to the living room and looked at the movies we had i saw the vow so i put it on and started to watch it. I felt my eyes getting heavy in the middle of the movie then i feel asleep. i woke up and checked the clock there was only 20 minute till my date with Harry i ran up stairs took a quick shower dried my hair i decided to curl it then i went to my closet got out a dress and found some heels i put it on and grabed my purse and walked downstairs checked the clock there was only 5 minutez left i sat down on the couch and waited for harry.I heard a knock on the door i got up and ran to the door then i oened it and saw my gorgeous boyfriend standing there with a boutique of roses a huge smile spread around his face and mine to. He gave me the roses and i thanked him the i ran to the kitchen to put them in a vace and when that was done we left the house and drove of to the restaurant.

Harry's P.O.V

Iwalked up to Angelica's apartment and knocked on the door i was very nervous i saw she had opened the door and she looked amazingly beautiful a huge smile spread around my face and her to i gave her the roses and she put it on a vace and we headed of to the restaurant. once we got the i opened the door for her like a true gentelmen and she thanked me we walked inside the restaurant the lady brought us to our table and we ordered our food then the lady came with our drinks we thanked her and started to talk we keep talking until our food go here then she said:

ok so tell me the whole reason why you brought me here what was the important thing you wanted to tell me?

Talk Me- so the reason i brought you here was to spend my last few hours with you im going on tour for a whole year and were not gonna be able to see each other and i cant bring you along because management didn't let any of us bring our girlfriend something about saving money all that crap.

I looked up at her and she had a tear falling from her beautiful hazel eyes i saw sadness in them i got up and hugged her i promised her that we could skype,call and text each other everyday she said :

But it wouldent be the same harry i wont be able to see your face that smile that lights up my world everytime i see it i wont be able to feel your hugs that are so warm and loving i wont be able to see you i wont have anyone to talk to when im sad except for jessica and i wont be able to see the guys either what about jessica does she know louis is leaving to she cried harder

I'll miss you to but there is nothing we can do and yes louis told jessica already she knows and just promis me one thing dont forget me dont forget we had it all but most importantly dont forget these words NEVER SAY GOODBYE BECAUSE GOODBYE MEANS GOING AWAY AND GONIG AWAY MEANS FORGETTING NEVER FORGET ME ILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU AND LOVE YOU I'M NOT COMPLETELY GONE UNLESS YOU WANT ME TO BE ILL BE HERE IN YOU HEART MIND AND SOUL BUT WHEN YOU FORGET I LEAVE WITH ALL THE MEMORIES WE HAD NEVER FORGET ME EVER.

I saw a smile grow on her face and then she said: I'll never forget you harry you were my first love you have my heart and always will i should be the one to tell you that never forget me there will be other girls around the world falling for you just remeber im your one and only and that ill be waiting for you right here no matter what.

I hugged her and gave her the passionet kiss this one was special better than all the others this one was just amazing i loved her and i will never do anything to hurt her.


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