Now and forever

A girl named Angelica she lives with her stepmom and sister her dad died in a fire when she was young in this story you will learn her life story and how she found the love of her life


4. Faith brought us together

Harry's P.O.V
I sat up and tried to find the girl that was sitting in front onus but she wasn't there anymore she had left. I ran out the plane leaving the boys behind I needed to find her there was something about her that made me want her I wanted her to be mine but how. I looked at the headphones and sigh how was I spouse to find her London is huge there's no way ill find her here.
Angelica's P.O.V
We had just got out the taxi and I paid the good man and got my luggage from the trunk I walked in the hotel and gasp it was beautiful is not like anything I ever seen before I went to the front feat and asked for 1 room with 2 beds I got my key and headed up stairs. When I got in the elevator I remembered that I left my headphones to harry he never gave it back. Oh great just my luck my first day in London and I all ready lost my headphones well is not really lost i know who has it but u know what I mean. The elevator stopped and me and Jessica walked out and open the door to our hotel room. Wow I can't believe what I saw 2 king size beds a 65 inch plasma tv and the bathroom was huge it had a hot tube, jacuzzi,a closet in both sides two sinks and a bathtubs wow this is life.hey Angelica what do u want to do now that we're in London Jessica said good questions I don't know do u want to go shopping or something I said YES I do Jessica said I chuckled I knew she loved to shop. Ok then grab your bags and lets go!!
Harry's P.O.V
I got to our studio and say on the couch depress I didn't even get her name what type of person am I the only thing I have from her is there pink headphones. Umm mate are you ok you look a bit down here I know what will cheer you up let's go shopping Louis said Louis u know that only cheers you up I said yeah I know but hey I love to shop so lets go please?he said. Sure why not I said.
Louis P.O.V
I walked inside the studio and saw harry depress on the couch that poor guy hey I know what woll cheer him up shopping umm mate. You look a bit down hey I know what will cheer you up let's got shopping I said Louis you know that only cheers you up he said yeah I know but come one you know I love shopping please? I said sure why not be responds yes I got him to go shopping with me I think he needs to get his mind off that girl it wasn't met to be.
Angelica's P.O.V
We were at the mall just walking around we had bought lots of clothes shoes and makeup were such girls I started to text my sister when I bumped into someone and dropped all my stuff even my phone and to my luck it broke ugh just great. Sorry love I wasn't paying attention to we're I was going a person said wait that accent I recognize it it's harry.
Harry's P.O.V
I was talking to Louis when I bumped into someone I saw she had dropped all her bags and her phone broke oh great sorry love I wasn't paying attention I look up and say does brown eyes I remember those eyes it was her the girl from the plane. I guess it was faith trying to bring us back together does this mean something I helped her up and got her bags I picked up her phone and it was in pieces oh god what have I done sorry about your phone I didn't mean to I can buy you a new one I said.
Angelica's P.O.V
He looked up and looked at me and smiled I smiled back he picked up my bags and my phone I can see the phone had been torn to pieces oh great. I'm so sorry about your phone I did t mean to I can buy you a new one he asked no its ok you don't have to I can buy one myself I said. No I insist please let me buy you a new one I feel bad that I wrecked this one he said sure if its no trouble I asked no its not come one let me bring you to the store to get you a new one. Ok I said and waked with him to the phone store was it faith that we met again was it trying to tell us something I don't know but ill see what it leads me to.
*Authors note*
Hey so this is my first story I ever wrote so I hope you like it as you can tell I am a huge one direction fan I love them and I'm a huge writer I love to write stories or quotes or poems you will be seeing a couple of them in the stories some from me and some from my friends so hope yu love y story and leave a comment to show me that u like it I will appreciated a lot I hope I he got do a sequel but ill see it depends in how much people love this story ��
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