Now and forever

A girl named Angelica she lives with her stepmom and sister her dad died in a fire when she was young in this story you will learn her life story and how she found the love of her life


16. choices to make

Angelica's P.O.V

Its been almost a year since I've seen Harry I found this guy his name is Jake and I love him but I still have harry on my mind  today was me and jakes 1 year anniversary he came over and he had brought me flowers chocolate and a beautiful golden bracelet as usual I kissed him and gave him a big hug I know I sound like I'm acting really fake right now but ever since harry I can never  love again I just had to move on and I found Jake I guess he helps a bit. me and Jake were a bit bored so we decided to take pictures together then we looked through all of them there was one I really liked so I decided to put it on twitter.

Harry's P.O.V

I was on twitter looking through fans tweet that always makes me smile there was this one tweet that caught my eye @jessie254:@Harry_Styles hey look at this picture of Angelica and her new boyfriend. I clicked on the link and there it was a picture of Angelica and her new boyfriend I guess she moved on after all we went through I wouldn't look at any girl for a year just cuz I thought she would come back to me but she just decided to move on I was  furious I got my phone and texted Louis.


Me~ lou come here now

Louis~ why what happen ???

Me~ just come before I do something stupid

Louis~ ok don't do anything

Me~ I cant make any promises

Louis~ oh god I'm on my way

End of conversation 

I looked back at the picture it just got me more mad I couldn't hold it any longer I went to the bathroom and locked myself I looked at myself in the mirror and said is it worth it anymore then I looked down and there I found my razor I didn't think it was going to come to this but it has I looked at my wrist this is for everything not just angelica this is for all the hate for all the drama for all the mistakes for everything at that thought I just started to cut my skin it was a light cuz I looked at  it. It wasn't bad enough I made it deeper and deeper I started to feel light headed my breath started to get softer my eye lids were getting heavier at that moment everything went black.

Louis P.O.V

when I got that text from harry I got worried I remember harry telling me this story that when  he was younger he had cut himself with a razor because he got bullied I got in my car and raced to his house. I started to check twitter to see if he had posted anything that will give me clues that he's trying to kill himself I saw that a fan had send him a picture of Angelica and her new boyfriend wow what one picture can do to the poor guy now I know that he is trying to kill himself the guy has been through a lot this past year and this picture made it worst . once I got to Harrys house I knocked on the door no one answered I got the key that was under the welcome mat and opened the door I headed upstairs I went up to his room and I saw that the bathroom door was locked oh god I knocked and knocked no answer I had to knock the door down is the only way for me to get to him I backed away and ran straight to the door I didn't open ok second try did the same thing then the door busted open I saw harry laying on the cold hard ground he look pale and almost lifeless I got my phone out and called  911.

minutes later

I saw the ambulance coming I was right next to harry I was crying I didn't want him to die he's to young he's been through a lot lately I guess he couldn't take it anymore the ambulance took him away I called the rest of the guys they all sounded worried and sad they said that they were on there way to the hospital and so was I. when I got there I saw all the guys waiting in the entrance I joined then and we all went up to were harry was we went to the lobby and asked for harry the nurse said that he was in E.R that we can wait in his room if we wanted we all followed her to his room and just sat there I guess we were all spending the night there. I decided to call Angelica .

Angelica's P.O.V

Me and Jake were sitting in the couch watching movie he got up and went to the bathroom that's when I got a call I checked my phone and it was from lou I haven't talking to him after the whole harry thing.


Louis~ hey Angelica

Me~ hey lou

Louis~ did u hear the news

Me~ what news?

Louis~ harry tried to kill himself and now he's in the hospital.

and if is on cue you turned on the news and the harry story was on.

Me~ is he ok

Louis~ we don't know yet the doctors said it was serious that if we didn't get him there in time we would have died.

Me~ omg is there something I can do

Louis~ I hope this is not to much to ask but can u come back and see him maybe to say your goodbyes or I don't know get back together.

you were shocked by his question.

Me~ well I don't know lou is just that he hurt me and..

but Louis cut me off

Louis~ sorry to cut you of but can I ask you something

Me~ sure

Louis~ Do you still love him tell me the truth

Me~ I cant lie to you yes I do still love him

Louis~ then why didn't you come back

Me~ because I was scared

Louis~ scared on what

Me~ of falling back in love with him of getting hurt afterwards

Louis~ why did you move on

Me~ because I needed to forget

Louis~ did it work

Me~ no

End of conversation

with that last word I hung up I couldn't take it anymore I started to cry then my boyfriend came back I had to do what was right I had to brake up with Jake.

Jake I cant do this anymore I think we should..................

Authors Note

this story is almost in its finale I had fun writing it and I hope you had reading only  a few more chapters left and its over cant wait to see what happens next.





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