Now and forever

A girl named Angelica she lives with her stepmom and sister her dad died in a fire when she was young in this story you will learn her life story and how she found the love of her life


17. Back for you


Angelicas P.O.V

Me~I'm breaking up with you Jake I'm sorry

Jake~ wait why

Me~ I just don't feel that spark anymore and I think were better off friends

Jake~ I get it well ok then I better get going FRIEND

Me~ yeah bye friend

I felt bad for breaking up with him but I had to I cant deal with the fact that I still had feelings for harry if I didn't end it now it Will end worst.

Well no I need to tell my mother that I'm going back to England.

Me~Mom I need to tell you something

Mom~ what's up sweet heart

Me~ well I'm going back to England


Me~ look I need to go back an fix things please

Mom~ but I don't want to lose you

Me~ you wont I promise

Mom~ ok go go make things right

Me~ thank you so much I love you ill call when I get there

Mom~ ok

I went up to my room packed my bags and left the house I called a taxi and it came and brought me to the airport once I was on the plane to my way to England my heart started to beat faster my hands started to shake I was nervous would he be mad would he blame me for leaving I was thinking negative come on Angie think positive I still had an hour till the plane landed I had enough time to think.

1 Hour Later

the plane had landed I decided to call Louis so he can pick me up but once I got off the plane I saw 4 of the  one direction guys waiting for me how did the know I was coming all I said is that I might think about it god they know me to well I love them I ran to then and they all caught me they gave me a bear hug god I missed those hugs and they guys we all let go and I can see there eyes were bloodshot red I couldn't stand it I started to cry they gave me another hug when they let go the were crying to we all headed out and went straight to the hospital I wanted to see harry once we got to the hospital ran to his room and when I walked it stopped walking and just stood there his pale body just laying in the bad he wasn't moving but he was breathing. AT that moment I broke down in tears I can believe I was the cause of this how why god I took harry by the hang and just started to cry I keep crying I could feel other people in the room I didn't look up I knew it was the guy but when I did look up I saw all of then were crying as much as me. I put my head in his chest then I felt like someone was like petting me I looked up and saw harry looking at me he had tears streaming down his face.

Angelica ...................................................................

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