Catching feelings

This is a girl, named Kate, her boyfriend died in a car accident, her mom died suddenly, her father died of a heart attack and her girl band breaks up. So she decides to start a new life In London. There she falls head over heels with no other than Harry styles!

P.s. this is my first Movella tell me what you think!


28. the prank

Kate's P.O.V

I had to hide my dress from Harry when he walked in. He was still in his sweat pants and tee shirt and was eating ceral. I put my dress in my closet and went downstairs to watch a movie. My eyes drifted to sleepbecause of the 19 hour flight the night before. 


Harry's P.O.V

I put my cereal bowl in the sink and got changed. Kate was asleep on the couch which suprised me considering we were watching her favorite moive of all time 'Safe Haven'. I watched her for a little bit when I got an idea. I reached for the pen on the table and drew on her face and took a picture. I called the boys over and of corse Niall brought food. I saw Kate russel before sitting up. " what the heck?" she said looking at the boys and rubbing her eyes. " I invited them over. " I said. "why don't you go get cleannedup?" I said holding back a smile. she went up stairs and headed for the bathroom. " why are you smiling Harry?" louis asked. "just an innocent prank. " as if on cue Kate  screamed "Harry! what did you do?!" I burst out laughing and the boys looked at me like I killed someone. I pulledout my phone and showed them and they doubled over in laughter. 

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