Catching feelings

This is a girl, named Kate, her boyfriend died in a car accident, her mom died suddenly, her father died of a heart attack and her girl band breaks up. So she decides to start a new life In London. There she falls head over heels with no other than Harry styles!

P.s. this is my first Movella tell me what you think!


4. really

Chapter 4 Louis' P.O.V   It was 9:00 am so I hopped out of bed and got dressed into the usual. I decided to text Harry to see what he wanted to do today.    About an hour went by and he still didn't answer. Where is that boy?   I unlocked the front door of my room and locked after I got outside of the room. I walked across the hall  to Niall's room to see if he knew where Harry was.   I unlocked the door and opened it up.   Niall was asleep on the couch with a half eaten sandwich on the coffee table. Well there is no use in waking him. So I exit the room still having no idea where Harry is.   Kate's P.O.V   I slowly opened the door to Don's coffee shop and saw Harry looking at me he waved and I walked  to the table.    Right as I sit down I hear "kate?"   I turn to see who it is and to my surprise it was Jenna from my old girl band No End.   She comes over and hugs me.   "wait, what are you doing here? Oh and Harry this is Jenna, Jenna this is Harry."   "Nice to meet you, and Samantha and I are here to take a music course and get a voice coach before we audition for the Xfactor again, well I'll get going i'm gonna be late for my session with my voice coach."   "bye, it was so good to see you!" I said as she walked through the door.   "who was that and whose Samantha?" Said Harry.   "That was Jenna and Samantha and they were both in No End with me, which was my girl band back home in Minnesota. "  I replied.    We leave the restaurant and go back to our apartment and I hear a knock on the door. I get up to answer it and it's Harry saying the boys are gone and he's lonely.  He comes into my apartment and grabs a Coke and sits down on the couch and we sit there awarkldy for a second when Harry leans in for a kiss and we kiss hard and long and it was the best minute and a half of my life.    We pull away and I tell Harry " Harry six months ago my life was turned upside down and I went through the hardest 4 mounts of my life but after I met you I forgot about all that because you are the only one I love now."   " I love you Kate." he says pulling me in for a hug.    I ask Harry if he wants to watch  a movie  " Love Actually, because I Actually love you." he says with a smile.   I pop in the movie and sit next to Harry. He says something and I turn to look at him and our lips meet.    Niall's P.O.V   We pull up at the London eye and we are meeting the girls while Harry and Kate are getting cofee.    I see Kat and Paisley and Tammy but I mostly see Kat as I walk over to her and give her a hug. She looks fabulous and  tell her that. She smiles slightly but she says thanks.  We head over to the eye and get in. We gaze upon the Thames river and the sparkling sun off the water reminds me of Kat's eyes and I just smile.    Liam's P.O.V   We were about to get on the London Eye when I realized that I forgot to feed Boris and Archemeaies. I tell Paul that I'm going back to my flat and I grab a cab to go home. We pull up at the building and go inside, our rooms are on floor 5, I run up the stairs and go into my apartment. I grab the turtle food and go over to them. I feed them and check the clock. It's noon so I just stay inside. First I go on Twitter and check for tweets. Of course I have like One million tweets but one in particular catches my attention, it's from @ taliachaudry6295 And she said that she saw me at the London eye and saw my run off but she wants to know where and why. First I hit "follow" then I reply, " Hey @taliachaudry6295 everything's fine I just realized that I forgot to feed Archemeaies and Boris!" I get on the news online and type in One Direction. Many results came up but one particularly interesting. It said " Does Harry have a new girl?" I clicked on it and it said" One may say Harry Styles is a flirt but we think the finally has the one, and he seems to think so too. We sat down with Harry this morning and he said that Kate is the most wonderful and sweetest girl that he has ever met and is so glad he has found someone like her. He clearly isn't keeping his new relationship a secret by his recent tweets. " About to go to get coffee with Kate I love her so much!" and " Had a great night with @Niall_Offical, @Real_Liam_Payne, @ZaynMalik, @Louis_Tomlinson, and @Kate_Jones!" It's obvious that he loves her." How could Harry not have told me, ohh well i wonder who else doesn't know?     Kate's P.O.V   After Harry left my apartment I got on Twitter. And one of my followers tweeted a link so I clicked on it and it said " One may say Harry Styles is a flirt but we think the finally has the one, and he seems to think so too. We sat down with Harry this morning and he said that Kate is the most wonderful and sweetest girl that he has ever met and is so glad he has found someone like her. He clearly isn't keeping his new relationship a secret by his recent tweets. " About to go to get coffee with Kate I love her so much!" and " Had a great night with @Niall_Offical, @Real_Liam_Payne, @ZaynMalik, @Louis_Tomlinson, and @Kate_Jones!" It's obvious that he loves her." Had Harry really said that! I read some comments and one said "@Kate_Jones plz tell me it's not true!" I tweeted back @Selenabeliver well then, i'd be lying, sorry" I checked my followers and I had @Harry_Styles and @Real_Liam_Payne following me so I followed them.    Harry's P.O.V   I got on twitter and saw that alot of girls were upset about Kate and I but some said, @Harry_Styles I support u and @Kate_Jones all the way but ur couple name is hate just saying its hate sones woah thats weird" that made me laugh " or it could be Karry, to make it less weird."   I go on Kate's twitter and see all the hate already! I say " hating her won't make me love you so stop!"   Right then Kate knocks on my door, crying. I let her in and close the door we sit down on the couch and I hug Kate she can't even talk because she is crying so much.   " what's wrong?" I ask. She says that she hasn't had one good tweet all day and everyone has been hating on her. I say nothing but pull her close. As she cries on my chest. We are both silent for a minute. Then without a word I kiss her. Then I say " you have me but you are stronger than them always remember that." we sat there for bit before Kate says " I'm starved whats for lunch?" we call the boys and get them to meet us at Nando's for lunch.    Zayn's P.O.V    We are in the London Eye when I get a call from Harry saying two things one to follow kate on twitter and two to met them at Nando's. we arrive and they already have a table and we sit down. Paisley sits next to me who sits next to Kat who sits next to Niall who sits next to Tammy sits next to Liam who sits next to Harry who sits next to Kate. We all eat then go back to our flats.   Kate's P.O.V    We all head back to our apartments except for Harry and I. We take a walk around the park. When it starts raining and Harry and I stand there before sharing a passionate kiss in the rain. Then Harry says," Hey I know we only met but I don't if the other boys told you but..... I don't know how to say it but." "but what?" I say. " me and the boys have a world tour coming up."he says "well how long is it?" i say "8 months." he says " 8 months? I will miss you too much." i say. " no you won't because we are taking you with us." he says. I hug him so tightly. He explains to me that he couldn't be away from me that long.    Harry's P.O.V   Kate and I drive to the airport to meet the boys to fly to L.A. we are greeted by a bunch of fans with big bright colorful posters and people with bright flashes which let me tell you is most distracting while driving. We pull up at the back as management told us to do and we unpacked our stuff. Kate helped and we greeted the boys.     .……………..............………………………………………………………   After a long plane ride we finally arrived in Paris and Niall immeaditly hit the cafe. There he saw management where they wanted to talk to Zayn.  It just so happened that paisley was visiting her brother in Paris so Zayn and her were together.   Zayn's P.O.V   Niall came running at us but we have no idea why. He told me that management wanted to see me. " excuse me Paisley I have to talk to management."   I walk over to them and they talk to me.   Paisley's P.O.V   Zayn had to leave so I secretly followed him to cafe du monte where i hid behind a building which was just in earshot of what they were saying. I over heard this.   I saw some people in dark outfits talking to Zayn.    They said"Zayn! You can't go out in public with her. She's not famous. Think of the publicity you will get."   "Neither is Kate, why does Harry get to show her off? She makes me happy. Isn't that all that matters?"said  Zayn sounding desperate.   "think of all the fans you will loose when they hear your taken?" the guys say. I soon realize that they are management.   "Then their not true fans. The should support me in my relationship no matter what." he says as I smile. He seems to really want this.   "Zayn! Wait, you can't go public with her yet. I mean she's just a girl, you'll probably forget about her anyways."   "you guys don't understand....I mean..... I want the world to know the girl i'm in love with." my heart stops. Then my stomach gets all fluttery. Then I walk in not thinking straight.   "your in love with me?" I say hoping i didn't hear him wrong.   "yes I'm in love with you. I don't want anybody to not know about the girl i love." he says sweetly.   "i love you too."  you say shyly.   " I wanted to tell you just not in front of these people." he says.   "it doesn't matter where you say it it just matters that you mean it." you say.  

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