Catching feelings

This is a girl, named Kate, her boyfriend died in a car accident, her mom died suddenly, her father died of a heart attack and her girl band breaks up. So she decides to start a new life In London. There she falls head over heels with no other than Harry styles!

P.s. this is my first Movella tell me what you think!


12. new years

Chapter 12 Harry's P.O.V   All throughout MSG I was thinking about Kate. She was my inspiration for all of my songs. She was waiting just where I had left her at the end of the concert. I put my arms around her neck and got a taxi for us, since it was New years, Kate wanted to to see the ball drop in times square. The taxi pulled up at times square and I payed the driver and we got out. We headed over to my favorite secret location for watching the ball drop and to not get recognized. We walk over there and I was very excited, but Kate had no idea what was about to happen. And neither did I.   Kate's P.O.V   We turned the corner and up a back alley, and ended up where we could see the ball perfectly. Harry was very excited but had no idea why. I figured it out when he got down on one knee and said "Kate I know we haven't been together long but I just know that you're the one and I wanna know if you feel the same. Kate will you marry me?" he said as he pulled out a ring. The biggest, most beautiful diamond ring I had ever seen. "oh Harry of course I love you with all my heart." I said. He smiled and put the ring on my finger.   Josh's P.O.V   The show went great but through out the show I had that girl on my mind, I think her name was Justine, I wonder how she got backstage. Then in the middle of my daydream she walked by. "hi" I said as I waved. "hi" she said shyly. "so how'd you get back here before the show?" I said questionably. " well I came back here with Kate." she said. " oh ok so, do you want to go with me and the boys to watch the ball drop?" I said. her eyes lit up "of course ." she said. We got a taxi and went to meet the boys, Kate, Tammy, Paisley, and Kat at our secret spot so we don't recognized. We sat for a while in the car because the streets were very crowded. I looked over at Justine and she was on her phone. So I got on Twitter and saw lots of people talking about the show.  I saw Kate's tweet: " I was at the show but I was back stage, they sounded great! "   I tweeted back"@Kate_Jones thanks Harry was buzzing about you before the show."   Then I got a follow from @justine_m. I reconized her picture as the Justine sitting next to me. I followed her back and watched her to see when she noticed that I followed her. When she did she looked at me and smiled. The driver stopped the cab and we got out. We saw them standing in black hoodies and sunglasses, even though it was near midnight. I followed them around the corner and got in our spots, right In perfect view of the ball that was going to drop any minute.  

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