Catching feelings

This is a girl, named Kate, her boyfriend died in a car accident, her mom died suddenly, her father died of a heart attack and her girl band breaks up. So she decides to start a new life In London. There she falls head over heels with no other than Harry styles!

P.s. this is my first Movella tell me what you think!


21. it all comes out

Gemma's P.O.V   Why? Why did he pick her? She came down the stairs and stopped and noticed me staring. I couldn't help it. She walked over to me and sat down. " Hey Gemma. Can you please tell me what that was? " she said as sweetly as she could. " I don't know it's just that I guess I'm not ready for Harry to get married by some one we barely even know." I said. Well it was partly true. The other part was that she came into the house, and she stole what I cared about the most, Harry. " I'm sorry." I said and I really was. She gave me a hug and said that she was sorry that she made me upset but that wasn't it at all.    Harry's P.O.V   I got up off my bed and went down the stairs. I looked at the table Ad saw Kate sitting there with a cup of warm tea. I looked at the clock. It was 2:30 A.M. What was she still doing up up? I walked into the kitchen and got some tea. I finished and I walked over to the table where Kate's head was down and her cup empty. She was asleep. I picked up he cup and put it in the sink along with mine. I picked up Kate and carried her to bed and laid her down. I got in next to her and fell asleep.  

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