Catching feelings

This is a girl, named Kate, her boyfriend died in a car accident, her mom died suddenly, her father died of a heart attack and her girl band breaks up. So she decides to start a new life In London. There she falls head over heels with no other than Harry styles!

P.s. this is my first Movella tell me what you think!


6. hate

Chapter 6   Harry's P.O.V   We walked to the cafe and she was so happy we didn't take a car for obvious reasons. We walked in and didn't even have a chance to tell the waiter how many there were when we were mobbed by fans and practically attacked. I grabbed Kate's cast-free hand and ran. We were tearing through the streets, being followed by cars, paprizzi  and fans. We barely made it back to the hotel alive.   We were tearing through the lobby and pounded the elevator button. By the time the elevator came the fans were just as the cameras and fans got through the door. We got in and pushed the door closed and finally got up to our floor where we went into Kate's room and closed the door. Then Kate said " well that was close." Then there was a knock on the door and she looked out to see who it was then she burst out laughing and answered the door. It was Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn dressed like they were waiters and Niall said " room service."   "how did you guys know?" I said in disbelief.    "well we we're sitting down at the resturant when we heard someone walk in and a bunch of people screaming we looked to see who it was but couldn't when we asked the hostess who it was she said it was Harry styles and his girlfriend." Louis said.   "well what's on the menu tonight, Niall?" Kate asked.   "not much if Niall is incharge of the food." Zayn said.   Niall glared at him.    Liam's P.O.V   no matter how much I tried, I couldn't get Emily out of my head. That night I was tossing and turning and couldn't sleep. I got on twitter and found her. I followed @MissEmilyCupcake145 which was Emily's twitter name. Then I decided I would see what she's been saying. After our date she said " just got back from brunch with @Real_Liam_Payne it was fun thanks!" but already she has been getting hate from directioners. I said " look if you guys are fans you would not be hating on Emily."  

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